Diagnosis pulpitis put, if touch sensitive inflammation of the tooth pulp. The tooth channel inflamed tissue and surrounding nerves which results in pain sensation. The cause of the inflammatory process is caries, which was not previously cured or re-inflammation that occurs following treatment.

   Pulpitis characterized by pain. It can be constant, but may occur after mechanical or thermal effects. Treatment of this process is to remove the inflamed and infected tissues of the tooth of the channels and their fillings.

   Another reason for the removal of nerves is periodontitis. It is an inflammatory process which affects the upper part of the tooth roots. Periodontitis appears sharp pain that occurs without any reasons.

   We'll have to clean the tooth canals and prosthetics in case of need. The crown or other restoration methods require removal of the damaged tooth pulp tissue and careful sealing. Unfortunately, modern dentistry is not always able to keep the "native" tooth. In severe cases of periodontal, with a strong vertical fracture or fracture treatment is not appropriate channels.

   A typical treatment regimen involves the cleaning of the channels, the expansion and formation of root canal and then sealing. After removal of the inflamed tissue channels are filled with the drug, and then the doctor is sealed them. After that, the dentist holds the tooth restoration using modern filling materials.

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