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Tooth extraction is the most popular surgical procedure for many people, which is held in the oral cavity. It consists in removal of the tooth from the jaw bone using special tools.

This operation is usually carried out as painlessly as possible, with little tissue damage, regardless of difficulty. Thus, it promotes faster healing of wounds and reduction in place of the severed tooth, the so-called bone defect. This is especially important during further implantation, when a very important bone.

As a rule, dentists resort to tooth extraction in such cases, when a tooth is:

● it is impossible to save because of damage, injury, fracture and bifurcation of the root;

● is considered to be the cause of the cysts;

● becomes the cause of inflammation, or neuritis;

● is the source, which injure the tongue and cheek;

● an obstacle for the bite.

The main considerations during tooth extraction in dentistry Poznyaki, Osokorky, Lukyanovskaya are:

● only the best of modern anesthetic medications through which surgery is performed painless, atraumatic, so wounds heal quickly. Moreover blend the seams on the mucous membrane for more rapid rehabilitation.

● each next tooth removal is considered as a preparation for implantation. In some cases, use special medicines through which is formed the bone tissue in the place that had the deleted damaged tooth.

● our experts are polite and attentive to the smallest patients. As practice shows, in most cases, the first visit of babies to the dentist is often associated with extraction of the deciduous tooth. In this case, the surgeon should consider removing it so that later Your baby came to the reception to the dentist as a friend, and was not afraid to go into the office.

● upon completion of the procedure to remove the tooth, the doctor will give each patient the necessary advice and recommendation. In some cases, can be assigned to ligation

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