Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics

Statistics show that many people have pre-formed negative opinion to this type of prosthesis. But, despite this, today it is a common and affordable method that does not have many contraindications.

Removable prosthetics

There are several types of dentures

  • ● Partial denture (translated from German "Bugel" - arc) allows as a support to use your own teeth. They come with clasps and locks. In the first case, the denture rests on the teeth with special hooks. They do not damage the enamel, though very tightly cover the tooth and keep the prosthesis. Fastening by means of hooks, as a rule, rigid, sedentary. More chewing pressure is distributed on the teeth, which wear crowns. The mount is in the mouth of the prosthesis, therefore, can not be seen that the teeth are removable.  
  • ● Removable partial denture, it is common to use in case you lose one or a couple of teeth. For their manufacture it is customary to use a material such as plastic except that the hooks (clasps). Thus, this prosthesis is lightweight, not expensive, not heavy in manufacturing, and just change when needed. Despite the fact that this type of prosthesis usually wears out quickly and takes a lot of space in the mouth, it is simply irreplaceable in cases of so-called temporary prosthesis.

    ● Complete removable denture is often the only method which you can use to restore all the lost teeth with the dentition. They keep using the suction effect (identical to two glasses dipped between them with one small drop of water), and the anatomical projections of the jaws. On the lower jaw, typically, poor retention, so if a person has a problem with such prostheses, it is possible to completely restore the dentition only with the help of prosthetics on implants.

  • Prostheses on telescopic crowns is a type of removable dentures. In this situation, the prosthesis is attached to the tooth, the crown, which consists of two parts. They are used when there is no need to do huge removable denture, fixed already but not in any way be attached.

    ● Conditionally removable prosthesis is often used for the removal of a single defect of dentition. After you install it yourself you can not, but if there is a need in its replacement, it can quickly make dentist.

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