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Gum treatment

Gum treatment

The most common periodontal diseases are: gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease etc.

Gingivitis is the most common disease of the gums, which is the initial stage of periodontal disease. The main cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. Bacteria build up on the teeth facing the formation of dental calculus and, as a consequence, inflammation of the gums.

Over time the development of inflammation and periodontal pockets are formed, the inflammatory process starts to progress in the bone surrounding the tooth.  The main symptoms of gingivitis, unpleasant odor, discomfort when brushing your teeth and eating, bleeding gums. When these symptoms should consult a specialist and to start timely treatment

Treatment of gums in case of gingivitis occurs either by professional cleaning of the teeth, or, in neglected cases, surgery.

Periodontitis – a disease of the tooth in which inflammation of the gums spreads to other periodontal tissues. To periodontal disease can lead to malocclusion, disturbances of shape of teeth, poor oral hygiene, a violation of the diet (lack of protein, vitamins). Periodontal disease can develop after inflammation of the gums – gingivitis or other disease – periodontal disease. 

In the development of periodontal disease is played by the structure of the food – very soft foods that do not contribute to the cleaning of the teeth and normal load during chewing, can also be a cause of periodontitis. Bad habits, such as chewing on one side of the jaws, i.e., the functional overloading of one part of the jaw, may also contribute to the development of periodontitis.

The main symptoms of periodontitis:

● looseness of teeth,

● bleeding gums and bad breath,

● changing the position of the teeth, gaps between teeth,

● suppuration of the tooth,

● abscesses of the tooth,

● with the progression of periodontitis which can cause pain and abscesses.

The acute form of periodontitis is a major cause of tooth loss. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat periodontal disease independently with the help of folk remedies or antibiotics. If you experience the first symptoms should seek help from a qualified specialist. Only a dentist can choose the right method of treatment gums.

Periodontal disease is quite rare, progressive atrophic disease of all the tissues of the periodontal. Periodontal disease is characterized by the following symptoms:  bone of the alveolar process of the jaw, thickens the gums, expose the neck and root of tooth (teeth like popped up from a bone). Gums the patient is not sick and it is primarily concerned with the aesthetic aspect.

Treatment of periodontal disease, aimed at stabilizing the pathological process. Assign tools to improve blood circulation and regeneration processes in the periodontal (massage of the gums, gingival shower, darsonvalization physiotherapy and other treatments), treats the underlying disease.

Our specialists conduct a full range of procedures aimed at the treatment of gums, including a preliminary survey of the condition of the teeth, correct the bite, etc. the Final diagnosis is established only after conducting x-ray examination.

In our work we apply the most modern method of treatment of periodontal disease German unit "Vector", which allows not just to clean plaque below the gum line, but also to polish the surface of the root, so that new stones were formed very soon.

Apparatus "Vector"

In our dental clinic for the treatment and prevention of periodontitis is actively used German apparatus "VECTOR". It combines the latest advances in dental technology. Treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease when applied very effectively, thus reducing time, as the doctor and the patient. The Vector system is focused on the cause of the disease. The unit Vector removes biofilm, plaque, calculus, endotoxins, and quickly and effectively eliminates the bacteria causing the disease. Using a device Vector, You work ergonomically and a high degree of tactile sensitivity even in pockets deeper than 5, 9 and even 11 mm.

For cleaning the ultrasound apparatus of the Vector are used flexible instruments made of composite materials that allows to clean the surface of complex shape: the roots of the teeth, and deep attachment of implants. In fact, the unit Vector is the only alternative in this case. Highest efficiency and complete painless method provides the use of modified particularly ultrasonic waves, acting not on the tooth itself and surrounding gums. This allows for a treatment of periodontal disease, almost without touching the teeth or trauma to the gums.

Prevention of gum diseases:

● Regular dental checkups;

● Constant maintenance of the oral cavity;

● Timely removal of dental plaque;

● Avoiding harmful habits.

The device "Vector"

In our dental Clinic, the German apparatus VECTOR is actively used for the treatment and prevention of periodontitis. It combines the latest advances in dental technology. The treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease with its use is very effective, which reduces the time spent by both the doctor and the patient. Vector system focused on the cause of the disease.
"The Vector device removes biofilms, plaques, tartar, endotoxins, and quickly and efficiently eliminates bacteria that cause diseases. Using the Vector device, you work ergonomically and with a high degree of tactile sensitivity, even in pockets deeper than 5,9 and even 11 mm. For cleaning the ultrasound device Vector uses flexible tools made of composite materials, which allows you to clean surfaces of complex shape: the roots of the teeth and deep-mounted implant attachments. In fact, the Vectort device is the only alternative in this case. The highest efficiency and complete painlessness of the method is ensured by the use of a special modified ultrasonic wave that acts not on the tooth itself, but on the gum surrounding it. This makes it possible to treat periodontal disease without practically touching the teeth and without injuring the gums. "
"Prevention of gum disease: -regular examination by a dentist; -continuous oral care; -timely removal of dental plaque; -rejection of bad habits."
"Cost In the ""Sa-Nata"" Clinic (metro stastions :Poznyaki, Lukyanovka, Osokorki), gum treatment, the cost of which is available to a wide range of patients, is presented in full and is carried out by the best dentists in Kiev. The Clinic has a flexible system of discounts, the pricing policy is transparent, which does not allow you to bill for unnecessary services."

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