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Jewel decoration

Does not exist people who do not like to have strong, smooth and beautiful teeth. The beauty of a snow-white healthy smile can complement and special dental jewelry. Decoration of teeth with sparkling rhinestones, precious stones or precious metal will emphasize the individuality and originality of style of any person will attract attention and admiring glances of other people.

Jewel decoration
Jewel decoration
Jewel decoration


In addition, dental jewelry contribute to the desire to smile more often, it means to create good mood, and his interlocutor, leaving a pleasant impression of communication.

Rhinestones for the teeth is an artificial crystals of small size that are attached to teeth with a special adhesive.

Skyces are miniature gems, which are processed by special technology and are trained in faceting.


Skays are miniature gems that are processed using special technology and are cut accordingly.

Twinkly is figurines made of gold with a stone or without it. The figure can be any. It all depends on Your desires and preferences. Rhinestones or precious stones would only add to the exquisite design of twinkles. The most common stones used in gold figures are diamonds, aquamarines, sapphires and of course rhinestones, imitating any kind of gemstone.

With the help of special decorations can not only beautify the teeth, but also to hide minor natural defects on the enamel surface.

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