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Art restoration of teeth

Art restoration of teeth
Art restoration of teeth
Art restoration of teeth
Art restoration of teeth

Artistic restoration of teeth on Poznyaky

The term "dental restoration" means the restoration of the original anatomical shape, structure, color and other parameters of the tooth, making it indistinguishable from the adjacent healthy teeth. In other words, restoration is repairing the ruined and decayed teeth to their original appearance, by proper selection of restorative materials on the color, transparency and shape.

Dental restoration is used when carious and carious lesions of teeth to change their shape and color, and traumatic fractures. Artistic restoration of teeth is divided into direct and indirect. When you direct the art restoration dentist, directly in the patient's mouth, simulates and reconstructs damaged parts of the teeth from restorative material light-cure (photopolymer), a glass ionomer or light-cured. When indirect restorations a patient's teeth are treated in a special way, with impressions and restoring the restoration part is made of ceramics in the laboratory.   

Dentistry "SA-NATA" Chavdar/Dmitrievskaya  has the most modern equipment and materials for restoring teeth. With his experience and artistic taste of our dentists a method of direct artistic restoration is carried out:

● aesthetic restoration of teeth affected by caries, teeth with non-carious lesions, after trauma;

● simulation of all the anatomical features of the teeth;

● amendments to the irregular shape of the front teeth.

● closure of diastema (gaps between teeth);

● persistent discoloration of your teeth.

Our dentists have the ability to see, understand and reproduce, using special technology layer-by-layer deposition of photopolymer material, the decayed part of the tooth to mimic its natural structure. The advantages of direct restoration of teeth is in the first place, the minimal removal of tooth tissues, because sometimes it is enough to slightly change the shape of any tooth and the patient's smile looks beautiful and natural. Thanks to nano-technology restoration persists for years and your smile is always irresistible.

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