According to the specialists of the dental clinics “Sa-Nata”, a smile should not only be aesthetically beautiful, but also functional. But in order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to competently approach the situation and study the clinical picture of the patient from all its existing sides. Because after all, a smile is not only teeth and gums, it is a big separate system, which also includes the human dentition and all its components: nerves, bones, facial and masticatory muscles, periodontal tissues and joints.

Gnathology is a modern branch of dentistry that studies the processes and connections of the dentoalveolar apparatus. The fact is that any manipulations from the outside (for example, correcting the bite with braces) can disrupt the “harmony” and incur certain consequences. If there is an imbalance in the dentition, any procedures in the oral cavity can seriously harm.

That is why well-planned orthodontic (bite correction) and orthopedic treatment (installation of crowns, veneers) often begins with gnathology. Gnathology provides a range of opportunities to find the right solution to a particular situation.

Who is a gnathologist?

This is a specialist who understands and knows all the nuances and aspects of certain relationships between the human dentoalveolar apparatus and its skeleton, as well as the work of the facial muscles. In other words, gnathology helps the patient to avoid incorrect treatment, possible further retreatment and the development of complications after the performed manipulations. A dentist-gnathologist performs a certain analysis of the patient's problems at the level of cause-and-effect relationships and, as a result, has the opportunity to offer the most effective and optimal ways to solve the problem. With a competent and professional approach, gnathology should be applied to absolutely all areas of dentistry in order to achieve a successful treatment result.

What does gnathology do?


  • Determines the ratio of the upper and lower jaws
  • Detects the presence and nature of pathologies
  • Eliminates muscle and ligament tension
  • Restores the anatomical functions of the dentition
  • Detects links between pathologies and other internal body processes
  • Restores the surface of the teeth in case of involuntary grinding as a result of spasms of the masticatory muscles
  • Gives an assessment of articulation and occlusion
  • Solves the issue of bruxism
  • Evenly distributes the load for chewing muscles
What does gnathology do?

When should you visit a gnathologist?

  • In the presence of uncomfortable sensations resulting from chewing food and closing the jaws
  • In the presence of clicks and muscle tension
  • In case of the asymmetry of facial muscles
  • In the presence of regular headaches, as well as pain behind the ears and in the neck
  • In the presence of pathologies of bruxism (tooth abrasion)
  • In case of gum omission
  • Subject to severe sensitivity
  • In case of articulation disorders (speech and pronunciation) and occlusion (jaw contact)

Causes of gnathological pathologies:

  • Individual adaptation to the asymmetry of the bite as a result of the change of teeth in childhood
  • Previously incorrect and illiterate treatment (for example, installation of fillings or crowns)
  • Absence of dental units in the oral cavity for a long time
  • Formed malocclusion
  • The cause may also lie in the presence of stress, which can cause spasm of facial muscles
  • Injuries of the skeletal system

The network of clinics “Sa-Nata” has been working for many years on the principle of an integrated approach to treatment, which is impossible without gnathology. Our team guarantees the patient only a high-quality and successful result! For example, high-quality orthopedics and orthodontics go hand in hand with gnathology. Our orthopedists and orthodontists usually work in tandem with a gnathologist.

If the patient has an imbalance, it must be identified precisely before any manipulations begin. Such moments can not always be detected with the naked eye, so any treatment at the Sa-Nata clinic begins with an examination and accurate diagnosis.

If you want to get a guaranteed successful result of your treatment, exclude the possibility of further retreatment, if you want to be in the hands of real specialists - then welcome to the Sa-Nata clinics!