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Vector therapy

Vector -therapy is a modern, effective and painless method of treating periodontal (tooth tissue) diseases with the help of a special “Vector” apparatus.

 As a result of poor-quality and inaccurate home hygiene, the absence of regular visits to a specialist for control examinations and professional teeth cleaning, the formation of hard bacterial plaque and tartar occurs.  Standard Air Flow cleaning is no longer able to cope with such subgingival dental deposits, so the modern Vector device comes to the rescue in this situation.  A special feature of this device is that there is a special protective shell on its tip, due to which, during the vector therapy procedure, the hard and soft tissues surrounding the tooth itself are not injured.

Vector therapy

Using Vector therapy removes dental plaque, calculus, endotoxins, quickly and effectively neutralized the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. This revolutionary technology allowed us to virtually eliminate injuries when removing dental plaque and effectively carry out therapy within periodontal pockets with depth up to 11 mm, which previously was absolutely impossible and automatically assumed the use of surgical methods of treatment.

Vector benefits of therapy:

  • The process of tooth brushing is non-contact.
  • Absence of any painful sensations and discomfort during the removal of subgingival calculus and plaque.
  • Allows to prevent any inflammation due to the antimicrobial action of the device.
  • Requires only one session to complete the procedure and takes an average of 1.5-2 hours.
  • Allows to treat caries in its initial stages.
  • Is a gentle method of getting rid of dental plaque without damaging tissue in the process.
  • The depth of cleaning the tooth reaches up to 11 mm in depth.
  • The presence of various attachments of the vector apparatus allows you to penetrate even the most inaccessible places, thoroughly clean them and polish, which in turn will preserve the health of your teeth and prevent any complications.
  • Vector therapy, in addition to treating periodontal diseases, provokes regenerative and restorative processes in tissues.

The application of the "Vector" in the treatment of periodontitis allows a kind of double effect along with the efficient removal of dental plaque tiny particles of apatite hydroxide in suspension during the cleansing of the tooth is polished its surface that helps to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Simultaneously with the ultrasonic vibrations of the working tool, the Vector system delivers an antiseptic solution and a grinding-polishing suspension to a tooth surface to be treated under a certain pressure, thus creating the so-called ultrasonic bath effect.

How the Vector therapy procedure works:

  1. Diagnostics. In order to take into account all the individual characteristics of the patient, determine the degree of complications and draw up a competent plan for further treatment, diagnostics are necessary.  It is mainly carried out using X-ray equipment.
  2. Professional cleaning. The Air Flow system is used to remove dental plaque.  This procedure removes supragingival plaque and calculus using a stream of water and special abrasives under pressure.
  3. Deep cleaning of the roots using the Vector device (Vector-therapy). Microorganisms and toxins are removed between the gum and the root of each tooth with the help of a special attachment of the "Vector" apparatus.  At this stage, a full cleaning and polishing of the tooth root surfaces is carried out, which prevents further accumulation of deposits and bacteria.
  4. Control of the result. After about three months, it is recommended that you visit your specialist for a follow-up check-up to check the condition of your gums and generally maintaining your hygiene.  It is also recommended to undergo professional cleaning and maintenance therapy every 6 months to maintain the health of your teeth, as well as prevent diseases.

The Vector system is very ergonomic and has a high degree of tactile sensitivity even in pockets with a depth of more than 8 mm. Removal of granulations, bacteria, subgingival tartar and endotoxins is carried out without unwanted removal of hard tissues of the tooth surface and damage to the surrounding soft tissues.

Results of using Vector -therapy:

  • Allows you to stop the process of exposing the neck of the tooth.
  • Reduces the depth of periodontal pockets.
  • Prevents gum swelling, bleeding and bad breath.
  • It is a complete removal of dental plaque and biofilm.
  • No trauma to the gums.
  • Allows you to avoid the further occurrence of periodontal disease (tooth tissue).

 In our practice, the specialists of the Sa-Nata network of clinics use only the most effective and modern methods of treating dental diseases.  For us, first of all, the result of our work is important and a happy patient, satisfied with the result of his visit!

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