But actually this is not so. Hygiene of oral cavity consists of two complementary directions:

● professional performed in the dental clinic, "SA-NATA" with participation of the doctor-periodontist;

● daily individual, which is carried out independently by the person at home.

Clinic "SA-NATA" on Poznyaky offers professional methods for oral hygiene, considered one of the most effective means of prevention of dental diseases.

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth - modern, fast and safe method of oral hygiene. Kiev ultrasonic teeth cleaning occurs using a scaler (device, protecting the enamel from plaque and Tartar). The main advantages of this technique is painless removal of plaque, root canal treatment, removal of stone, high quality polishing of the tooth with the help of special cosmetics. Kiev ultrasonic teeth cleaning is an essential procedure that selects a lot of people who always want to have an aesthetic, and a white smile. As a rule, cleaning stone on the teeth by ultrasound with a low price affordable, is necessary if the teeth have mineralized deposits. It is impossible to carry out this procedure during pregnancy, hypersensitivity and patients with implants. After this cleaning you should not do fluoride prevention, during the day, eat food coloring, to smoke, drink sour, sweet, spicy and salty food. Cleaning stone on the teeth ultrasonic the price of which is acceptable, will help to give everyone a beautiful, healthy and white smile. By contacting us, you can be sure that a professional teeth cleaning by ultrasound in Kiev will be carried out best by professionals who have a wealth of experience with ovens. They periodically replenish their knowledge and share experiences at conferences and trainings devoted to this topic. Thanks to us, now many people can at any time to request this service. From all the above is to draw conclusions and to say that professional teeth cleaning by ultrasound in Kiev - is a form of preventive bars of the mouth, allowing you to save your gums and teeth healthy.

Air flow teeth cleaning Kiev

Air flow teeth cleaning Kiev

Air-flow is the latest method of teeth whitening and teeth cleaning. It is used for effective removal of plaque. The high efficiency of this system shows when cleaning is performed in smokers, lovers of tea and coffee. In our dental Air-flow teeth cleaning Kiev produce professionals with high quality materials. It is contraindicated in case of human asthma, and hypersensitive to soda. This procedure as Air-flow teeth cleaning in Kiev is the main way to clean teeth and support.

Ultrasonic professional toothbrushing

Addressing to us, you can be sure that the professional cleaning of teeth with ultrasound in Kiev will be carried out by the best specialists with extensive experience . They periodically replenish their knowledge and exchange experience at conferences and trainings on this topic.

Thanks to us, now many people can order this service at any time. From all of the above, it’s worthwhile to draw conclusions and say that professional toothbrushing with ultrasound in Kiev is a type of mouthwash prophylaxis, which helps to keep gums and teeth healthy.

Ultrasonic professional toothbrushing

The procedure produced with the purpose of prophylaxis of caries, by saturation of enamel fluoride ions is called fluoridation. Fluoride is important for dental health. If fault occurs a thinning of the enamel, causing the teeth become sensitive and prone to caries. In such situation come to the aid of fluoridation of teeth Kyiv, to order which can always be performed in the clinic, "SA-NATA". It is both simple and profound. To perform this test we use only quality materials and modern technology, therefore, fluoridation of the teeth Kyiv we prefer to order a lot of regular customers.

Tooth fluoridation

The procedure for the prevention of caries by saturating enamel with fluorine ions is called fluoridation. Fluoride is an important element for dental health. If it is deficient, enamel is thinned, as a result of which the teeth become sensitive and decay. In this situation, fluoridation will come to the rescue teeth (Kiev), which you can always order in the Clinic "SA-NATA". Fluoridation can be simple and deep.

For its implementation, we use only high-quality materials and modern technologies, therefore, tooth fluoridation (Kiev) prefers to order many regular customers with us.

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