“The new standard in the digital dental scanning technology - Sirona Primescan Dentspy”.

“The new standard in the digital dental scanning technology - Sirona Primescan Dentspy”.

The network of clinics "Sa-Nata" always adheres to one main aspect: the highest level of quality in the provision of dental services!  But in order to carry out their work in this way on a regular basis, it is necessary to take into account a lot of mandatory points.  One of them is the use of modern equipment of the latest generation in accordance with all international standards and requirements.  Today we will consider a modern device for precise dental intraoral scanning Primescan Sirona, which is used by specialists from the Sa-Nata network of clinics.

It is this miracle of world technology that helps us to embody your most cherished dreams on the way to a healthy, aesthetically beautiful, snow-white smile with results for many years!

The Primescan Dentspy Sirona scanner is a completely new standard in the field of digital dental scanning technology (Made in Germany).


How does it work?

 Forget about taking impressions before prosthetics, Sa-Nata "keeps pace with the times" that's why we use the latest modern technologies in the field of dental services!

 The Primescan Sirona scanner is an indispensable assistant to an orthopedist in preparing a patient for prosthetics.

 The scanner takes a three-dimensional image in the patient's mouth thanks to a special miniature camera.

 Further, according to an individual 3D image of your jaw, a model of dentures is prepared - ideally and accurately suitable for your situation, taking into account all your features (which further excludes any retreatment).

 The scanner is also intended for diagnostics before implantation, for subsequent restorations with crowns, bridges, inlays.

How does it work?

Using the Primescan scanner for treatment in Kiev

Also, Primescan Sirona allows you to instantly send scan data to the dental laboratory, thereby quickly preparing your prosthesis and saving your time.

Using the scanner, you can also make a surgical template for implantation, including without standing up from the patient's chair. 

Dynamic Deep Scan technology provides sharpness when scanning areas up to 20mm deep (even in the most difficult to reach areas).

Scan with exceptional precision in high resolution and fast processing.

The Primescan Sirona scanner allows you to scan both single teeth and the entire dentition.

Benefits of dental treatment with Primescan

  • comfortable and fast procedure (scanning of 2 jaws in less than 1 minute);
  • lack of unpleasant sensations during the scanning of the jaw;
  • thanks to the large screen, the patient can immediately observe the process that is taking place in his jaw, see what problems there are;
  • within a couple of minutes after scanning, the patient will already see on the computer screen how his future denture and his future smile in general looks like.

"Sa-Nata" works with the best and for the best!  If you choose the best for yourself, then you are at the right place!