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Splinting of teeth

Splinting of teeth

If necessary, for strengthening loose teeth, in our clinic is dental splinting. Splinting teeth – a method of treatment of periodontal disease, allowing to reduce the probability of loss (extraction) of teeth. Using a special tape splinting of movable teeth concatenated into one whole design, and regain a normal aesthetic appearance and functionality . The main indication for splinting is the presence of tooth mobility. Splinting is advisable to prevent re-inflammation in the periodontal tissues after treatment in the presence of chronic periodontitis.

Depending on the installation method, the dental bus are removable and non-removable. Removable dental bus and reduces the mobility of the teeth, but not in all areas. To their advantage include the lack of necessary grinding and grinding of healthy teeth and good dental treatment and oral hygiene.

On this basis, non-removable dental better tires solve the problem of loose teeth, and because of their bridge construction, installation of dentures. But they complicate care and treatment of teeth.

Dental clinic "SA-NATA" Chavdar/Dmitrievskaya will help You to choose individual dental bus, taking into account all Your features. For this purpose, we conduct a preliminary examination of the patient, get a computer model of his teeth, making preliminary calculations and only then is the manufacture and installation of dental tires.

As a result, the patient receives excellent protection of the teeth and effective treatment of periodontitis.

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