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Dental implantation is one of the most modern and innovative procedures in dentistry. It allows for the replacement of missing teeth, resulting in a natural and functional outcome. Tooth loss is a common issue that modern dentistry effectively addresses through the installation of a titanium implant. Dental implantation is a surgical procedure in modern dentistry that involves replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth by implanting an artificial titanium tooth root (implant) into the bone tissue of the patient's jaw or upper jaw.

The modern method of restoring a lost tooth through the implantation of an artificial titanium root is also known as dental implantation. Once the titanium root is inserted into the patient's bone and has undergone the process of cauterization (osteointegration), a bridge prosthesis or a crown made of zirconium dioxide or ceramic is placed on top of the implant.

Components of a dental implant: a titanium rod (artificial root), an abutment (a special attachment that connects the rod to the crown), and the orthopedic crown itself (temporary or permanent), which is produced in our laboratory. Modern dental implants are made exclusively from biocompatible materials to ensure their longevity and long-term function.

The dental implantation procedure

The dental implantation procedure plays an important role and can address multiple issues simultaneously:

  • Replacement of missing teeth: Implantation allows for the replacement of one or more missing teeth, restoring both the aesthetics of the smile and functionality in chewing and speaking.
  • Prevention of changes in facial structure: In the absence of teeth, the jaw bones gradually deteriorate over time, which can result in changes to the facial shape and decreased support for soft tissues.
  • Improved functionality: Implants enable the restoration of normal chewing function, thus improving digestion and overall health.
The dental implantation procedure
  • Prevention of displacement of adjacent teeth: The absence of a tooth can cause adjacent teeth to shift towards the empty space, resulting in an improper bite and issues with tooth alignment.
  • Increased confidence: The restoration of lost teeth can help improve the patient's appearance and self-confidence.
  • Long-term solution: Implants that are properly installed can last for a significant period, and in some cases, even a lifetime (this depends on the manufacturer and the patient's proper post-installation care).
  • Prevention of changes in the bite: Tooth loss can lead to uneven distribution of stress during chewing, which can impact the bite and cause jaw joint problems.
  • Impact on overall health: Proper mouth function and healthy teeth are essential for the overall health of the body, as the process of digestion begins in the mouth.

However, it is essential to note that the dental implantation procedure requires a thorough assessment of the patient's condition, proficiency in surgery, and careful post-operative care. The decision to undergo implantation should be made in collaboration with the implant surgeon, taking into account individual needs and clinical indicators.

The introduction of dental implants requires modern equipment and highly skilled specialists. At the "Sa-Nata" network of dental clinics in Kiev, our experts perform the installation of implants from renowned global manufacturers.

We work with the following implant systems:

We work with the following implant systems:

  • NEODENT (Brazil)
  • MEGAGEN (Korea)
  • OSSTEM (Korea)
  • ANKYLOS (Germany)
  • STRAUMANN (Switzerland).

These implant systems meet the highest quality standards and are characterized by maximum safety, reliability and durability.

We work with the following implant systems:

Our implantation services also include:

  • Installation of microimplants for bite correction.
  • Bone surgery including sinus lifting procedure.

Advantages of dental implantation in the dental clinic «Sa-Nata» in Kyiv:

Advantages of dental implantation in the dental clinic «Sa-Nata» in Kyiv:
  • Modern equipment. Our network of clinics always goes "in step with the times", so in our work we use only innovative, proven and modern equipment. This equipment not only helps in the efficiency of the performed procedures, but is also absolutely safe for our patients.
  • Specialists of the highest category, qualified specialists with foreign education. In the team "Sa-Nata" are only real professionals of their business with great experience, unique knowledge and skills. The implant procedure is a complex surgery. For its successful conduct, competent training and, of course, for its effective and safe rehabilitation after implementation, the surgeon-implantologist must have special knowledge, have sufficient experience, as well as a comprehensive approach to a particular issue. Our implant surgeons can brag about that.
  • Advanced implantation systems. The use of advanced implantation systems means that our clinic uses only the most modern techniques of implant installation in the world. This may include new technologies, materials and techniques that ensure accurate and effective tooth restoration. Those implant manufacturers with whom we are actively working have proven themselves in practice, tested by time and are the leaders of modern world dentistry in the field of implantology.
  • Cosmetic result. Replacement of lost teeth with implants can provide a beautiful cosmetic result. Implants look and function almost the same as natural teeth, which promotes the natural and attractive appearance of the patient. It’s about prosthetic implant with an orthopedic crown. We have our own digital dental laboratory "Sa-Natha Dynasty", so we ourselves make the most aesthetic and long-lasting crowns of zircon and ceramics, including the crown on implants using digital 3-D technology.
  • Great professional experience. The network of dental clinics "SA-NATA" takes its patients and gives them the smile of their dreams for 11 years. In our experience, tens of thousands of successful surgical and implant operations of varying complexity.
  • Comprehensive approach to the patient. Another advantage that our clinic has is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the patient. The fact that the implantation procedure must be approached comprehensively and individually, because it is a complex manipulation that requires individual preparation and strict clinical indications. Therefore, in order to maximize the effectiveness of such a procedure, our specialists look at the clinical case of the patient comprehensively, studying it from all its existing sides and selecting competent and most effective methods of solution, given the analysis of the situation with the eyes of different dental specifics.
  • Providing a guarantee on the performed robot. Each implant manufacturer has its own fixed implant life cycle: Ankylos for life, Osstem for 25 years or more, Straumann for life, Neodent for 20 years and Megagenn for life. All types of implants are subject to warranty from manufacturers. Depending on the chosen system, the terms vary from 3 to 10 years. If the pin is rejected during this time, our patient can expect free installation of the new design or refund. The replacement of the implant is carried out on the basis of a passport and a serial number assigned by the manufacturer.

Dental implantation, the cost

The price of dental implantation depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the presence of concomitant diseases in the oral cavity, the complexity and volume of the operation, the type of materials, the country of manufacture and other factors. You can find the price for the clinic services at.
At the first visit, the clinic specialists will discuss with the patient the treatment strategy, will select the best and affordable implant. Implant consultation costs 300 UAH. At the initial consultation, the implant surgeon will familiarize and study in detail your individual clinical situation, conduct an X-ray examination, will make a detailed further plan of your treatment and will calculate all the necessary robot to prepare for the installation and everything regarding the conduct of the procedure "turnkey".

Dental implantation, the cost

If you are looking for a reliable clinic for dental implantation in Kyiv, contact «Sa-Nata». We guarantee perfect treatment and high quality implants.

And its own digital dental laboratory directly in our clinic will provide the opportunity to complete prosthetics on the implant as quickly as possible with the selection of the best quality and durable materials and to perform the design in the most natural and aesthetic execution. Using our medical services, you will be satisfied with the result!

Implantology, cost of services