Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

To treat teeth in children, not only professional medical skills are required, but also many other qualities. For each small client, you need to choose your emotional mood, and for this you need to understand the psychology of the child well. Children's dentistry is not accidentally singled out as a separate specialty. This is a field of medicine where the special atmosphere in the doctor’s cabin and its sincerity are of great importance.

The most common problem in pediatric dentistry in our world is tooth caries. It is necessary for parents to learn how to keep the teeth of children safe and sound, and also in the event of pain, be able to provide first aid. But the most important is the prevention of this disease.

The structure of enamel, the chemical composition of the teeth is laid already in the prenatal period. An important role is played by heredity, mother’s disease, her nutrition. But if you correctly approach the issue of preserving children's teeth, then caries will not be scary at all.

There are several rules to reduce the risk of tooth caries.

  1. When the mother has a baby, she should start taking special pills containing fluoride and calcium. In the diet should prevail milk, cottage cheese, kefir.
  2. It is important to monitor oral hygiene already in a newborn baby. You can not lick the nipple, baby spoons and all that a child can take in his mouth.
  3. There must be properly organized nutrition in the family. Calcium (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fish), fluoride should be present in the diet. Less sweets, and more fruits, berries, vegetables.
  4. One of the most important for the fight against caries is its prevention, namely, brushing your teeth. They need to be cleaned with a high-quality toothbrush and paste containing fluoride. To brush your teeth, you need to start with the appearance of the first milk teeth, you need to do this twice a day: morning and evening. You can start from 30 seconds and gradually bring to 2-3 minutes. A child under three years of age learns the world through the game, therefore brushing your teeth can and should be turned into a game. Each group of teeth is brushed differently. The front teeth are cleaned with vertical movements from the gums. The movements behind the cheeks should be circular and the teeth closed. Horizontal movements of the back and forth brush the chewing surface of the teeth. From the inside, (from the side of the tongue and the oral cavityv), sweeping movements to the top, like a "panicle".
  5. A pediatric dentist needs to be visited twice a year. And if caries still appeared, then fluoride varnish or a silver fluoride compound can be used to protect the tooth from further damage. This procedure is carried out quickly and painlessly.
  6. You can seal the recesses (fissures) with the appearance of permanent teeth. To do this, the doctor cleans the tooth, and then applies an acidic substance to the grooves of the tooth. Then sealant is applied and under a special lamp it seals everything.

Watch carefully the teeth of children, and they will delight you with a beautiful white-toothed smile.