Tooth preserving operations
Tooth preserving operations

Tooth preserving operations

Surgical dentistry for many associated with the loss (removal) of the tooth. But nowadays, its main goal remains contrary to their conservation. Thus, the main focus of this dentistry is considered to be a variety toothprotect operations. Doctors of our clinic do everything to save the tooth, even in the most difficult situations.

The main types of toothoperation operations are considered to be:

  • Hemisection. Is the separation of the roots and removing one of two with the crown part
  • Deleting a root
  • Separation, is made for the separation of roots and their recovery.

Hemisection – type of operation, resulting in the removal of the tooth along with the root. This provides an opportunity to use the remaining part of the tooth as a support for further prosthetics. A variation of this activity is choronologically separation. It is produced in the case of inflammation between roots.

Sinus- lift allows you to do more bone volume and change the bottom of the maxillary sinus. Is improve conditions for the implants. Allocate 2 types of operations sinus lift: indoor and outdoor.

Splitting bags of purulent (abscess).

Purulent bags, as a rule, formed as a result of complications of diseases of the teeth, and when worn incorrectly manufactured and installed dentures. In addition there are a number of other causes: chronic infection, poor immunity and so on. The treatment is to hide abscess and the designation of certain antibiotics. Removal cysts of the tooth. Causes of cysts of the tooth are  many, and very different. But the main is considered to be a neglected caries and no proper treatment. Depending on the size of the cyst it can be treated conservative or radical method.

It is often treated with resection of the root apex. It allows you to remove the cyst and save the tooth. The main indications for such surgery is considered to be a acute periodontitis, changes in sealed tooth root apex and so on. This operation occurs in several stages. Elongation of the tooth crown. This operation occurs in those cases when it is necessary to change the contours of the bone adjacent to teeth, or for cosmetic defects.

Gingivoplasty be conducted to change the contour of the gums

Alveoloplasty allows to change the so-called the alveolar ridge, trauma or defects.

Transplantation of free gingival graft. This operation is performed for the purpose of transplantation to a particular part of the mucous in the place of recession.

Guided tissue regeneration is performed in cases of treatment of periodontitis, and to prepare for surgery for dental implants

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