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Plastic frenulum of the tongue, lips

Everyone knows what a bridle. But surely, not everyone knows that it is in the mouth of each, not one.

In anatomy, the frenulum is the part of the mucous membrane in thin folds which main function is the correct hold of the lips and tongue in position. They are flexible, in conversation, articulation, or pulling of the lips, tongue - stretched.

Regardless of anatomy, each person has individual bridle settings. Has its own length and different position. As practice shows, sometimes in children it is located very close to the tip of your tongue or generally very short and not elastic. Naturally this greatly affects development, so as early as possible it is necessary to conduct one of these operations:

● frenotomy (dissection);

● frenectomy (excision);

● frenuloplasty (represents the displacement of the point of attachment of the frenulum)

Procedures to correct tongue-tie as a rule, hold kids up to the age of five or six years. After seven days, the doctor assigns the patient a variety of exercises that help strengthen muscles, and to avoid speaking of the defect. Conducting plastic surgery of the frenulum of the upper lip, it can only be done at the age of seven or eight years. It was then that the children erupt 4 incisors of the upper jaw.

In turn, the surgery of the oral vestibule can be made for children aged eight to nine, that is, in a period when it is slotted 4 incisors of the lower jaw.

These operations are carried out in humans and at a later age. This is due of the risk of such diseases as periodontitis, and so on.

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