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Sealing of fissures

From the newly erupted permanent teeth are most susceptible to various dental diseases, especially caries, are the chewing teeth – the molars. In order to eliminate the possibility of caries or to reduce it to a minimum are various preventive treatments such as sealing (sealing) the fissures (grooves) special material and remineralization of enamel.

Fissure sealing is especially necessary for children and adolescents, i.e. those who have complete mineralization of enamel is not yet completed (within two years after the eruption of a tooth is quite often the process of maturation of enamel). The first permanent molars erupt in children 5-6 years, and due to lack of manual skills kids can't brush their teeth. In libogrove cracks (fissures) are concentrated microstate decaying food that causes increased accumulation of microbes. 

Lint brush to get in there and clean up deepen can't. Caries first affects the chewing surface of teeth. We isolate the fissures in permanent teeth of children after their eruption, before had time to develop cavities. The procedure of registration of sealants is simple and painless and is performed by a dentist in the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Poznyaky and near.

The imposition of sealants:

● The tooth is cleaned using rotating brushes and a special paste.

● To the chewing surface is placed in a conditioning liquid to make the enamel roughness and improve the fixation of the sealant.

● Materials for fissure sealing can be completely transparent ( invisible to prying eyes), and white (to monitor attrition).

The coating process takes about 10 minutes: it depends on the number of teeth that need to be sealed. The service life of up to two years.

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