Teleradiography (TRG) is a safe and highly accurate diagnostic method: an X-ray of the skull, which is performed from a remote distance without the patient touching the equipment. Skull teleradiography is performed in frontal or lateral projection. Thanks to the TRG image, you can get a picture that will be as close as possible to the natural size of the skull.

This image shows hard and soft tissues, their ratio and position. TRG diagnostics in dentistry is considered an important stage in preparation for orthodontic treatment and any other interventions in maxillofacial surgery and traumatology .

What the TRG image shows:

• Position, inclination, displacement of teeth.
• The ratio of the size of bones and soft tissues.
• Inflammation of the periodontium, sinuses, jaw joints.
• Anomalies in the development of the dentoalveolar apparatus.
• Asymmetry of the facial part of the skull.
• The condition of the bite and the reasons for its violation.
• Bone defects, their structure and location.


The image obtained in the course of teleradiography gives the dentist information about the structural features of the facial and cerebral parts of the skull, the condition of the bones, the ability to make the necessary landmarks on the image, according to which the doctor makes a treatment plan and predictions

Indications for teleradiography:

• orthodontic treatment to correct the occlusion;
• clarification or refutation of the diagnosis;
• planning the treatment of malformations of the jaw and teeth;
• monitoring the dynamics of identified pathologies and control of treatment.

Teleradiography in Kiev
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