Surgery in dentistry is usually associated with discomfort, but we want to dissuade you from this statement. Since looking at a modern dentist chair (especially in “Sa-Nata”) one can get the impression of a possible flight into space!

Of course, medicine, including dentistry, has stepped far ahead and now any complex operation is fast, absolutely painless and comfortable for the patient. So surgery in modern dentistry includes a wide range of various methods for performing a particular manipulation, as well as the use of a wide variety of types and methods of anesthesia in the process.

Surgery in the network of dental clinics "Sa-Nata" is carried out according to the most modern world protocols; only the most qualified and experienced surgeons work in our team of specialists. Like all other types of procedures, in “Sa-Nata” surgical interventions are carried out according to the principle of an integrated approach to the patient. In order for everything to happen very accurately, competently and quickly, before manipulation we perform detailed diagnostics, and in the process of our work we use innovative modern safe equipment.

Tooth extraction by “Sa-Nata” specialists is performed by different methods, taking into account the individual characteristics and preferences of our patient. Such a frequently requested procedure as the removal of “wisdom” teeth occurs so quickly and painlessly that the patient does not even have time to notice what happened. Extraction of teeth is carried out both manually and with the help of a laser or piezotome, depending on the indications of patient.

Tooth-preserving manipulations

Tooth-preserving manipulations allow you to prolong the life of your teeth, avoid more complex surgical interventions (for example, tooth extraction) or further implantation. Previously, any "problem" tooth was almost always subject of removal, but in today's modern dentistry, there is a chance to save the tooth and extend its life. Tooth-preserving operations are therapeutic and surgical procedures. The principle of this kind of manipulation is to eliminate the focus of inflammation or infection (cysts, granulomas).

Tooth-preserving manipulations

These processes include:

  • Resection of the root apex (removal of part of the tooth root in the presence of a cyst or granuloma) 
  • Gingivostioplasty (gum treatment by flap surgery)
  • Compactosteotomy (surgical change in the structure of the alveolar outgrowth)

Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the tongue and lips

  • Frenulotomy (cutting the frenulum of the tongue/lip)
  • Frenuloplasty (tongue/lip plastic surgery)
  • Vestibuloplasty (plasty of the vestibule of the oral cavity)

The dissection of the frenulum of the tongue or lip helps to eliminate problems with food chewing and correct the malocclusion of the baby. Also, plastic surgery of the frenulum of the tongue and lips is usually used to correct malocclusion and in case of obvious speech defects. Oral vestibule plasty is used to correct the distance between the gum and the inside of the lip or cheek. Necessary in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Basically, plastic surgery of the frenulum, tongue or lip is performed for the youngest patients: from 2.5 months to 9 years

Anesthesia services at the Sa-Nata clinic have “rich” variety. In their work (and especially in the process of surgical interventions), network specialists use:

  • Conductor, applicational and infiltrational anesthesia
  • STA
  • Sedation
  • We also provide additional anesthesiologist services

In the network of dental clinics "Sa-Nata" in the city of Kyiv, you can be 100% sure that your health is in reliable hands! Trust the beauty and health of your smile only to experienced professionals!

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