Each of us wants to choose the best for ourselves and have the best level and quality of our life. If you choose the best for yourself - then welcome in “Sa-Nata Dynasty”!

"Sa-Nata Dynasty" is a clinic of the 22nd century! This is a status, a brand, the highest lquality of services provided! "Sa-Nata Dynasty" - located on the right bank of the city of Kiev in the Solomensky district, near the metro station "Vokzalnaya", in one of the most modern and equipped residential complexes "Dynasty"; easy to get to it from anywhere in the city! 10 dental offices equipped according to the latest world requirements! We have made great efforts to achieve such a level of medical care, convenience for our patients and the result of our work! бренда “Са-Ната”!

стоматологія Київ
Зубна клініка
Лікування зубів Київ
Смачна кава
Брекети Київ

The modern clinic "Sa-Nata Dynasty" is an incredible step forward in modern technologies, services provided and a completely new level in the field of dentistry in Kiev! This is one of the few clinics of this level in Ukraine, which, without a doubt, makes its worthy contribution to the development of dentistry in our country! Many years of experience, thousands of happy smiles of our patients, the unique knowledge and skill of our specialists - professionals in their field, allowed us to step far ahead and create the best clinic for you and your loved ones!

“Sa-Nata Dynasty” brings together the best dentists of Ukraine, doctors of the highest category; the latest equipment of the latest generation, which is used by the largest clinics and laboratories around the world! Modern microscopes, its own digital laboratory, unique technologies, competent treatment, modern design and interior, 2 floors of your comfort and convenience! A visit to the clinic "Sa-Nata Dynasty" will become your favorite and joyful event!

Качественное лечение зубов
Красива посмішка
Стоматологія правий берег
The philosophy of the clinic "Sa-Nata Dynasty" is to do work for the result and conscience! Our mission is to make you happy owners of an aesthetically beautiful healthy, snow-white smile for many years! “Sa-Nata Dynasty” was created in order to fulfill your most cherished dreams! Quality, service level, comfort and convenience, your good mood that’s all about us! Once at the clinic, you will see for yourself! Take a step into a new level of life with a radiant happy smile from the "Sa-Nata" brand!

Radiology (diagnostics)

Radiology (diagnostics)
Radiology (diagnostics)
  • Panoramic dental X-ray (orthopantomogram)
  • Aimed shot
  • TRG
  • X-ray of the maxillary (maxillary) sinuses

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Therapeutic dentistry


  • Detection and treatment of caries
  • Canal treatment
  • Art restoration - restoration of the original anatomical shape, structure, color and other parameters of the tooth
Therapeutic dentistry
Therapeutic dentistry
Therapeutic dentistry
Лікування під мікроскопом

Orthopedics (prosthetics)

Ортопедичне лікування
Ортопедія Київ
  • Removable prosthetics
  • Fixed prosthetics
  • Viniry

Children Dentistry


    • Hygiene and prevention
    • Treatment and filling
    • Sealing fissure 
Children Dentistry
Children Dentistry
Children Dentistry
Дитячий стоматолог