Root canal treatment with gutta-percha

Root canal treatment with gutta-percha

The need of root canal treatment is quite common among patients. This procedure is of great importance, as it allows you to save the tooth at the stage of already existing certain diseases.

Earlier, in such situations, damaged teeth were immediately removed, but now, thanks to the development of methods and technologies in dentistry, many teeth can be saved and their loss can be avoided. Thanks to the microscope, precise endotherapy and the wonderful material “gutta-percha” this has become possible and affordable in present time! But more on that later.

In which situations it is necessary to treat root canals?

  • Toothache is a direct sign of inflammation in the dental pulp
  • Strong tooth sensitivity
  • discomfort in the process of chewing
  • Untimely treatment of caries, its progressive stage and the corresponding toothache also sign about the problems with root canals
  • The presence of non-standard and curved root canals

How is root canal treatment carried out?

  1. Of course, everything begins with detailed X-ray diagnostics to accurately determine the number, features of the anatomical location of the root canals and their length.
  2. This is followed by specific procedures in order to process and disinfect the root canal. To do this, the “working area” is isolated with a rubber dam. After reaching the open access to the dental pulp, the inflammation in the root canal is removed, the canal is cleaned, expanded if necessary, and formed for filling.
  3. The next stage is the filling of a canal. Here we will get acquainted with such a wonderful material as gutta-percha. After the hermetic filling of the canal, a permanent seal is installed on the tooth if needed. Ceramic restoration of the crown part of the tooth and restoration (if necessary) of the walls of the tooth can also be performed.
How is root canal treatment carried out?

Gutta-percha is a special, secure for the organism, plastic material, which is made from the resin of the Malay tree “Percha” and is used exclusively for the purpose of filling the root canals of the tooth. This material does not allow penetration and formation of bacteria in the tooth canal. It should be noted that gutta-percha has nothing to do with latex materials and therefore does not cause any allergic reactions. It is an absolutely natural material.

Gutta-percha is characterized by an especial plasticity, but at the same time it is able to maintain its shape in the canal, without decreasing in volume over time. This aspect gives a guaranteed result of canal filling and treatment with the long-term prospect. Plus, the reliability of gutta-percha excludes the possible fact of further re-treatment of your canals.

The fact is that with poor-quality and illiterate filling of the canals of the tooth, voids may appear in the future, which can lead to serious pathologies in the upper part of the root of the tooth. Sealing of root canals with the help of gutta-percha excludes the possibility of such a problem and provides reliable and airtight sealing of even the most inaccessible places.

Benefits of using gutta-percha in root canal filling:

  • Under the influence of time, it does not change its volume (does not shrink); being in the canal, it does not deform, does not oxidize and does not dissolve.
  • Excludes the occurrence of certain voids and air bubbles in the root canal.
  • Allows you to securely seal / fill even the most hard-to-reach and tortuous branches and ramifications of micro-canals of the tooth.
  • Excludes the possibility of losing the seal.
  • Is visible on the x-ray of the tooth.

Method of hot vertical condensation of gutta-percha.

Sa-Nata specialists seal the canals using the method of hot vertical condensation of gutta-percha. Thanks to this particular method of using gutta-percha, it is possible to qualitatively fill even the most curved and tortuous canals, canals with a large number of small additional ramifications and bifurcations.

We chose this particular method of hot condensation so that absolutely any issue, even the most non-standard and unusual, was resolved 1000% for our patient.

Hot vertical condensation of gutta-percha is a real revolution in the area of root canal filling. In other words, this is the insertion of gutta-percha into the canal (in a heated form under a certain pressure) using a special tool in a vertical position, filling all the space of the tooth canal, as well as its branching.

Method of hot vertical condensation of gutta-percha.

With this method, the material gets even into those spaces where the tool is not able to get when processing the channel mechanically. This method provides a high-level sealing and the exclusion of re-infection in the canal.

The philosophy of the "Sa-Nata" clinics for the past 10 years has been exuding the main goal of our work: to provide each of our patients with healthy and beautiful teeth for a long time. To do everything qualitatively, professionally, competently and, of course, to make the result durable!

Therefore, the specialists of "Sa-Nata" work only with advanced methods of treatment.