Implantology in modern dentistry

   Modern technology has penetrated into all spheres of human life, including dentistry. Today, treatment and prosthetics are high-tech processes, which allow you to restore a smooth and white set of teeth even after complex diseases. All this became possible thanks to the development of implantology. Specialists use in their work the technology and equipment that makes dentistry is not such a terrible and painful for the patient and comfort for the physician. Such radical changes have affected not only the treatment of teeth, but also such areas as prosthetics. In place of heavy and cumbersome "bridges" and dentures implants come.



Modern implantology prosthesis includes a large number of methods. Today, the use of prostheses and implants has become everyday procedure thanks to the materials and technology of their execution. Removable and non-removable dentures become lighter than their predecessors, and the implants are allowed to forget about forever falling and uncomfortable dentures. Dental services presented to patients comfort and the ability to smile.

After installing the entire structure, the oral cavity must be looked after. The rules of care are maintained, as for healthy ones - cleaning twice a day, visiting the dentist once every six months. Thanks to this approach, implants will last a long time and will allow you to smile out of the mouth and not feel discomfort due to gaps in the dentition.