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Treatment and fillings

Sometimes parents believe that the milk teeth do not make sense, because they will be replaced anyway. However, to stop the destructive process and remove the source of infection from the oral cavity, since the presence of a huge number of putrefactive bacteria in the mouth reduces the immune system and increases the risk of infectious and gastrointestinal diseases.

In addition, many diseases of the milk teeth can spread to permanent. In pediatric dental practice, the most common diseases such as caries, pulpitis and periodontitis.

Treatment and fillings

Parents do not see the difference between caries of milk and permanent teeth, however, it exists. The enamel of deciduous teeth has a different structure, it is much thinner than enamel of indigenous, insufficiently mineralized and destroyed much faster - and it needs to see a pediatric dentist. Why baby tooth decay develops much faster than the decay of the indigenous.  How to cure tooth decay? From the affected tooth are removed, all patients, demineralized, softened tissue infected with bacteria. The tooth is sterilized, and the hole is sealed with special filling materials.

Sealing of deciduous teeth can also be colored fillings. In the course of the tooth is protected from bacteria. Now he can live up to the change of primary teeth. The complexity of treatment of caries in children is that the child gives the doctor high-quality to restore a damaged tooth: his frightening new environment, "horrible" dental instruments or he just gets tired a long time to be in the same position. However, caries treatment is necessary, even better – do it on time, without waiting for complications (pulpitis and periodontitis).

The teeth pulpitis is an inflammatory process in the pulp. The most common cause of inflammation are microorganisms and toxins that enter the pulp from the carious cavity of the tooth on the wide dentinal tubules.

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontal tissues – periodontal

All diseases of the periodontium associated with neglected oral diseases – gingivitis, pulpitis, caries, etc. Very often periodontitis develops just after dental caries, and also at poorly cured dental channels. Treatment of the pulpit consists of two stages. First an autopsy is performed and the extermination of the tooth with special non-toxic drug. In the second stage, which is carried out 7-12 days, remove the affected pulp, which helps prevent further spread of infection.

Periodontitis in children differs little from that of periodontitis in adults, but it affects the deciduous teeth of the child. Periodontitis of deciduous teeth brings a lot of discomfort to the baby, so it is necessary from childhood to teach a child to brush your teeth 2 times a day – morning and evening, and not to forget the regular visits to the dentist.

The development of chronic periodontitis may be asymptomatic. Exacerbation of chronic periodontitis associated with acute dental pain. Swollen gums and any, even the slightest touch of an affected tooth causes sharp pain.

Treatment of acute (purulent) periodontitis in children often comes down to the removal of a milk tooth – surgical treatment of periodontitis. Better if adults time to take care of the oral health of the child and will not allow the early removal of deciduous teeth (previously the timing of their physiological change).

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