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Veneers is a type of micro-prosthetics. They have a great aesthetic and good quality.

Veneers – this is sort of a thin plate made of such material as ceramics. They are installed mainly on frontline teeth to improve their appearance. The plate thickness of 0.5 millimeters. The teeth coated plates do not have any differences from the real thing.

With veneers, you can:

● to restore the enamel of the tooth;

● to remove from the tooth surface dental spots;

● tetracycline teeth;

● to convert the teeth;

● fix on the surface of the chips;

● to correct the tooth form;

● to hide the gap between two adjacent teeth.

The main advantages of this prosthesis are considered to be:

● give the tooth a natural look;

● do not have spots on the surface;

● durable;

● have high grinding;

● wonderful aesthetics;

● despite the high cost, pay off quickly, and serve not one year.


This is not recommended prosthesis to produce those people whose teeth are decayed or there is periodontal disease. Initially, you should cure the teeth and then install the veneers.

It is also not recommended to put them in the tooth, large fillings, or if a person has bruxism - habit of grinding her teeth. This is because veneers can break. Re-wear them only in the case when they come off the tooth.

The term operation and maintenance.

  • If you follow all the rules of hygiene, to conduct proper maintenance and regular visit to the dentist, they can last about ten years.

    Recommendations for the care of veneers:

    ● Should regularly clean the teeth with a toothbrush and floss. Thus, it will not lead to the accumulation of plaque and tooth decay.

    ● Porcelain veneers give the teeth aesthetics. They cannot withstand the loads, so it's worth it to them to care, because otherwise it will lead to their breakage and displacement.

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