Turning to us, the doctors of the clinic "SA-NATA" will offer several types of prosthetics:

  • Removable dentures price in Kiev which installed reasonable, includes full and partial removable dentures, clasp with clamerey locking, telescopic and locks.
  • Fixed. These include crowns, inlays, veneers and bridges. Moreover now provides dental prosthetics on implants.

In our day the popular services in the field of dentistry is the treatment and prosthetics of teeth price Kiev which is installed in our clinic are affordable. These services are carried out in different ways.

Current dentures exist in a variety of designs. They help to restore the aesthetic and cosmetic functions, and is a reliable assistant that replaces missing teeth. Crowns are different in cost, duration of production and many other criteria. But, despite this, they have a big plus, because help to restore lost functions of teeth.


Section of dentistry, the main task of which is considered to be high-quality diagnosis and elimination of disturbances of the masticatory functions of dentofacial system is called orthopedics.

Typically, the data structures for each patient are selected individually depending on a number of factors and aesthetic appearance of the teeth: color, size, type, and location them in your mouth. It can be easily achieved by using modern materials.

Manufactures the prosthetic dentistry "SA-NATA" only after treatment. Orthopedics includes procedures such as: study of the oral cavity and the proper installation of the prosthesis. Our dentists make the best prosthetics, used the latest advances in medicine as well as the latest material with which produce dentures that can last a long time. They are difficult to distinguish from real teeth, so it gives you a opportunity to forget that in the mouth the implants.

At a time if so desired dental prosthesis Kiev can make one or several teeth. Thus, restoring their functionality and aesthetics. The prosthesis is a complex process that produced in the clinic efficiently and safely.

Our dental prosthetics Kiev offers a variety of different things. It can be used to restore partially destroyed or completely lost teeth.

Porcelain veneers the prices are the lowest in the region

A beautiful smile will help to warm the hearts of many people around, and will give You strength and confidence. In many situations, often a smile is becoming important to people. But, if you can't afford to smile since the teeth are defective, it is possible to fix this problem will help the veneers for teeth price in Kiev  are available for all.

Porcelain veneers the prices are the lowest in the region

Veneers are plates made of porcelain or composite, their main purpose is the replacement of the external tooth plate. Their main advantages are considered: longevity, naturalness, and quality. Our experts can quickly install veneers for teeth price in Kiev are sure to please You, and thus give health, aesthetic teeth.

In recent times, statistics show that many people prefer to choose ceramic veneers price which is acceptable, which is not surprising since they have optical, mechanical and biological properties similar to the properties of natural enamel.

Quality, practical porcelain veneers prices which will definitely surprise You, can order right now, in the clinic. Please contact us, we will gladly come to the rescue!

Recently, as statistics show, many people prefer to choose ceramic veneers, since the price is reasonable, and the result will not leave you indifferent. Veneers are very popular, which is not surprising, because they have optical, mechanical and biological properties similar to those natural enamel.

If you need to receive a consultation on prosthetics or other services in our clinic - contact our specialists for professional advice!

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