Modern microscopes "Carl Zeiss" and "Leica" - the best helpers for "SA-NATA" dentists!

 The microscope is an assistant to the doctor at every stage of his work, and also makes it possible to identify even the smallest structures with maximum clarity and resolution.

 The network of clinics "Sa-Nata" pays special attention to accuracy, literacy and professionalism in the provision of dental services.  Therefore, the specialists of "Sa-Nata" work only with the most modern equipment of the latest generation.

 Practically in all offices of every clinic "Sa-Nata" German microscopes "Carl Zeiss" are installed, which allows using the technique of "minimal invasion" - that is, as sparingly as possible in relation to healthy tooth tissues: "Minimal manipulation under maximum magnification."

Modern microscopes

The "Carl Zeiss" brand - the standard of quality and reliability


 Worldwide, the Carl Zeiss brand is associated with the highest quality and reliability.

 In endodontic treatment, the dental microscope is indispensable for the treatment of complex root canals.  It helps the doctor to find the entrances to the canals, to clean them efficiently and to seal them thoroughly, which allows the tooth to be preserved for many years.

Advantages of dental treatment with microscope "Carl Zeiss"

Also, the Carl Zeiss microscope helps to: 

  • Provide high quality dental preparation for crowns and veneers.
  • Make the most accurate and high-quality processing for future crowns.
  • control the flow of the fixing cement into the interdental spaces.
  • Assess the level and tightness of the restorative materials during their fitting and permanent fixation.
  • Check how well the crowns / veneers / lumineers are installed.
  • Check the tightness of the crowns to the gums during fitting and permanent fixation.
  • Diagnose the condition of already installed orthopedic structures.
Advantages of dental treatment with microscope

Microscope "Leica"


 The "Sa-Nata" team also works with a modern high-precision microscope of the "Leica" brand.  Microscope "Leica" is the latest dental microscope equipped with a digital video camera, manufactured by the German company KaVo.

Dental microscope and its scope:

Dental microscope and its scope:
  • Caries diagnostics at its very initial stage.
  • Carrying out diagnostics of cracks.
  • Possibility of closing perforations.
  • Possibility of extracting cast cores and pins.
  • Allows removal of fiberglass pins as well.
  • Carrying out root canal treatment again.
  • Ability to work through an artificial crown.
  •  8.Allows you to do microsurgical procedures in the field of periodontics.
  • Carrying out restoration using composites, in all parameters of aesthetics.
  • Carrying out all types of condensation of gutta-percha using heat treatment.
  • Allows all possible necessary procedures that require special care, including minimal processing of the tooth for crowns, trying on various designs.

The use of a microscope today is an integral factor on the way to meeting international quality standards in modern dentistry.

 Our latest high-tech equipment and the colossal experience of our specialists allow us to guarantee the most effective results, the treatment we have carried out with results for many years!

 We are waiting for you in SA-NATA, we promise "Healthy teeth for everyone"!