Sterilization of dental instruments in "Sa-Nata" using autoclaves.

Sterilization of dental instruments in

 Sterilization of dental instruments is one of the most important steps in allowing them to be reused.

 This procedure in the field of dentistry is designed to destroy all possible microbes and prevent their spread.

 Instruments such as burs, endodontic instruments, dental mirrors and all other materials that come into contact with tissues, mucous membranes and bone tissue during operations must be sterilized.

 Sterilization in the clinic "Sa-Nata" occurs due to the cold method of processing with a special concentrated composition, as well as using the thermal method: processing of instruments in an autoclave under the influence of high temperature.

 The fact is that the autoclave allows you to achieve the maximum quality of sterilization, so we use it in tandem with the cold method in order to achieve the best result and 100% safety for the patient!

Sterilization in full compliance with world standards

Sterilization in full compliance with world standards

 "Sa-Nata" uses modern equipment of the latest generation in its work.  For the specialists of "Sa-Nata", the safety of reception, the quality of their work and the result for many years are very important.  Therefore, the specialists of the Sa-Nata network of clinics work with autoclaves of 3 brands: these are autoclaves of the Melag, Anthos and Castellini brands.  This is the latest and most professional sterilization equipment in full compliance with international standards.

 A safe and efficient instrument decontamination process ensures that patients and medical personnel are protected from infection.

The German-made "Melag" autoclave

 The German-made “Melag” autoclave is a new fast-acting autoclave designed for quick sterilization of handpieces and small instruments using steam.  Handpieces, prophylaxis and other necessary medicinal instruments (up to 20 cm long) can be sterilized between patient appointments, in just 7 minutes.  The autoclave has three "S" class programs: they all comply with the European standard EN 13060.

The German-made

Autoclaves of the Italian brand "Anthos"

 Also "Sa-Nata" uses autoclaves of the Italian brand "Anthos".  This is a completely new standard for instrument disinfection using innovative technologies.

 Autoclave “Anthos” model A22 allows tracking every single sterilization cycle.  And the Sterilizer “Anthos” model A28 + is a “smart” autoclave with an exclusive steam generation system.  It provides a high speed of the sterilization process and exceptional stability of thermodynamic parameters.  This autoclave is equipped with adjustable drying and is designed for efficient, high-quality and fast processing and sterilization of instruments.

The Italian steam autoclave "Castellini"

 Our third indispensable assistant - the Italian steam autoclave of the Castellini brand provides high productivity of the sterilization process, providing the ability to control all stages of the process.  Also "Castellini" provides a high level of disinfection of instruments and guarantees the safety of the process of using materials processed in this autoclave.

 To do our job efficiently and competently, it is necessary to take into account more than one factor.  One of the main components of the quality result of the dental services provided is safety and sterility.  Based on this, the network of clinics "Sa-Nata" pays special attention to the sterilization process!

 Sterilizationr in dentistry is of paramount importance to both the staff and the patient.

 "Sa-Nata" does everything to ensure that the patient is sure that he will be treated attentively, and his health will be treated with care.

 While undergoing treatment in "Sa-Nata" you can always be sure that your smile is in reliable and professional hands!