FKG Swiss Endo endomotor

FKG Swiss Endo endomotor

One of the distinguishing features of the principle of operation of the network of clinics "Sa-Nata" has always been an incredible desire for super-accuracy and perfect result.

For many years, almost every office of 3 branches of our network has been inhabited by an innovative microscope for “jewelry” work with tooth canals. We work both with Leica and, in most cases, with Carl Zeiss.

Canal endotherapy plays a very important role in the life of the tooth. In most cases, the problematic tooth would have to be extracted according to outdated treatment protocols. But it is precisely thanks to modern endotherapy that such teeth are now successfully saved and thus patients avoid extraction and implantation. After all, what could be better than your own tooth? Working with canals is a very delicate and painstaking work, on which the salvation of the tooth as a whole depends.

Our specialists always pay special attention to the individual characteristics of the patient's clinical situation. After all, every organism is unique. Especially when it comes to the number of channels in the tooth, which is characterized by its atypical location and non-standard branching. The root canal system is very complex: it can be oval or C-shaped, the canals can have certain branches and multiple hard-to-reach places.

In addition, it is worth considering the factor that, according to statistics, 60% of patients seek treatment due to complications after unsuccessful endotherapy: poor-quality filling material in the canal, incompletely passed canal, missed canal, forgotten instrument in the canal, and so on. But our specialists are very fond of tasks “with an asterisk” and we always stand on preserving and “saving” your natural tooth as much as possible.

In this work, we will need not only a microscope, as the “third eye” of a doctor. But one more of our indispensable assistant is the endomotor for high-quality and accurate canal processing. A high-quality portable tool for comfortable and efficient work with the patient's tooth canals - the FKG Swiss Endo endomotor of Swiss production.

Advantages of the FKG Swiss Endo Endomotor:

Advantages of the FKG Swiss Endo Endomotor:
  • This instrument facilitates and speeds up root canal treatment while allowing the maximum amount of dental hard tissue to be preserved.
  • Also contributes to the minimum involvement of the number of tools in the process of working with the channel. This means that by treating the tooth canal with just such an endomotor, the work will be minimally invasive, which means it guarantees a successful and high-quality treatment result.
  • The tool is absolutely safe for the patient and its use in treatment excludes any errors and further possible complications, respectively, the factor of possible retreatment of the canals is excluded, and this is very important for saving your tooth.
  • The portable endomotor is an extremely flexible instrument that fills the entire free space of the root canal when rotated - up to 6 mm in diameter. At the same time, the tool is able to compress and decompress inside the canal and at the same time process all the necessary areas with high quality. Based on this, a thorough cleaning of areas that were previously inaccessible to processing becomes possible.

This miracle assistant helps the endodontists of the Sa-Nata network to process and treat canals with extreme non-standard anatomy quickly, efficiently and with maximum preservation of the patient's tooth structure.

Our endodontists are very careful and picky about every detail and nuance, because the quality result of treatment with the exception of complications and failures is very important for them. We must be 100% sure that the canal of the tooth has been passed perfectly.

If you want your canal treatment to be professional, high-quality️, 1 time and with results for many years️ - then you can be sure of choosing the Sa-Nata clinic!

An individual approach to each patient, valuable knowledge, experience and professionalism of specialists, modern treatment protocols and well-chosen innovative equipment for working in a complex give incredible results! Where it seems impossible, we will make it quite possible and real!