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In our days there are a large number of fixed dentures. They differ from each other in their composition of materials and technologies of their production. The main advantage of this group of prostheses is that setting them in your mouth, the person should not get used to them. Moreover, their fixation happens all the time, and do not cause discomfort (if properly produced). Among all the existing types of prosthetics, the most popular is considered to be - crowns, and bridges, which in turn are metal-ceramic or metal-free, ceramic.

The crown is a protruding portion of the tooth located above the gum. Its main task is the crushing of food. Constant oral hygiene and proper care of the crowns, allow them to serve a long time. As materials for the manufacture of crowns are: porcelain fused to metal, plastic or ceramics.

Bridge is a sort of design, main function of which is the substitution of one or a couple of teeth. It is necessary to have two supports. Produce them with the same materials as crowns.


Metalceramic – is the most common orthopedic construction. It is used in situations when the tooth is destroyed so that to ensure the durability of the design is possible only through the hard, easy, as well as the delicate metal frame, which is made from the so-called chromium-cobalt alloy.

Ceramics belongs to the category of VIP-class. Made from ceramic mass. Has good functional properties, but also has aesthetic appeal. The key difference is "brilliance". It is hard to distinguish from real teeth. 

Crowns made of a ceramic, more expensive than metal-ceramics, because they are made on expensive, latest technological equipment.

Sometimes crowns of this type of ceramics is mounted on the tabs of metal-free ceramics. The main properties tabs are: strength, durability, and absence of oxidative processes.

Microprosthetics is one of the basic methods of restoring teeth. His task is to restore the destroyed part of the tooth using ceramic meets the color, shape, opacity, gloss and resistant to abrasion, just like real teeth.

Microdenture (trim, tab) is a type of prosthesis in which healthy tissue is preserved. It must be said that the denture adhesive is considered a microprosthesis.

Microprosthetics is one of the main methods of tooth restoration. Its task is to restore the damaged part of the tooth, using ceramics corresponding to color, shape, as well as transparency, shine and abrasion resistance, like real teeth. A micro prosthesis (patch, tab) is a type of prosthetics in which healthy tissues are saved. It must be said that the adhesive prosthesis is referred to as microprostheses.

Tabs are installed if the slightest damage to your teeth because it allows us to preserve tooth tissue. This technology has acquired a name - microprosthetics with tabs. The tabs are made of porcelain, they are no different from real teeth, and its service life is several times greater than that of the seal.

Veneers – these are thin pads that are attached on front teeth.

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