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С недавнего времени улучшение внешнего вида и здоровья зубов путем снятия мягких зубных отложений обеспечивает Air-Flow чистка зубов (Киев). Данная методика профессиональной гигиены полости рта отличается более деликатным воздействием на эмаль зуба в сравнение с успевшими приобрести распространение ультразвуковыми методиками. В числе проблем, которые удается успешно решить с применением Air-Flow – профилактика пародонтоза, а также снятие налета и пигментации (в частности, после ношения брекет-систем).

Air – flow

Air – flow

Air-flow is ultrasonic cleaning of dental plaque, which removes deposits in hard to reach places, including in the gingival pocket depth up to 10 mm, with a solution that consists of water, air and soda, and is fed through a special nozzle. As for polishing the teeth, it is special rotating brushes with the use of so-called polishing pastes.  As a result the teeth become lighter. But unfortunately this effect can't stay forever. For many people who are doing this procedure at first, as a rule, is a pleasant surprise that they have such white teeth. This cleaning is done once in six months (six months) as a prevention.

It should be noted that Air- flow is mandatory in case if you decide to make professional or home teeth whitening, since it allows whitening substance evenly to make an impact on the entire surface of the tooth.

In most cases, it so happens that people seeing beautiful white teeth after the cleaning Air- flow happy with the result without further bleaching.

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