Tooth preserving operations

Tooth preserving operations

If there is a chance to save the tooth, we use it

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka the are following types toothkeeping operation:

  • Hemisection (amputation of one root in the multi-rooted tooth along the crown part that is attached to it)
  • Amputation of tooth root
  • Coronaridine separation (separation of the roots of the tooth)
  • Cystotomy (removal of cysts)
  • Apicoectomy (resection of the upper part of the root)
  • Patchwork operations (elimination of foci of chronic odontogenic infection)
  • Kuritarvitamine pockets
  • Retrograde filling of root of tooth
  • Guided tissue regeneration

Even damaged, but yours tooth, better than the perfect implant

Even damaged, but yours tooth, better than the perfect implant

Today incorrectly associate dental surgery with extractions. On the contrary modern experts are ready to exert maximum efforts to keep at least a part of the natural tooth, so that later on its basis to produce the prosthesis. The most popular toothkeeping operation in the clinic, "SA-NATA" is the resection of the upper part of the root to remove the damaged fragment and eliminate the source of inflammation. 

Apicoectomy is often performed on the canines or the incisors, enabling to prevent the reduction of bone tissue at the site of inflammation – the risk of tooth loss over time. After the removal of a root through a small incision formed cavity is filled with osteoplastic material, which contributes to the rapid restoration of bone tissue.

A reliable anesthesia is a treatment without fear or discomfort

Clinic "SA-NATA" – dentistry, reviews of which are very positive. Even patients with a chronic fear of dental treatment without any problems have a complex surgical procedures. In our practice we are faced with people who feels fear of an injection in the gum even more powerful than before the actual treatment. Our experts know how to get out of the situation! In such cases, are used the application of lidocaine (anesthesia application). After them and the shot is not terrible, and further treatments!

Hemisection is an innovative way to save a very damaged teeth

In our time, do not  rush to set for the query "tooth extraction Kyiv". The procedure of hemisection is in many cases an alternative to deletion. In particular, in the clinic, "SA-NATA" it is conducted for patients with chronic focal infections in the area of one of the roots of the tooth, a root canal obstruction, perforation of bottom of cavity of tooth or tooth root.

During the operation is the separation (sawing) of the tooth crown to the place of the separation of the roots. Then, the damaged root is removed. After recovery of the operated tooth becomes functional, it can be used for installation of orthopedic structures.

Surgery in the dental clinic "SA-NATA" is a combination of quality and comfort

We offer patients dental treatment (Kyiv) in comfortable conditions, at an affordable price and without pain. All services are guaranteed for quality. To get to the clinic is very easy as public transport and own. Our address: Kiev, Dmitrievskaya St., 75.

Surgery in the dental clinic
A little bit about the restoration: recommendations of the dentist

After surgical treatment need special oral care that will ensure the rapid healing of tissues. For more effective regeneration of our dentist may prescribe physical therapy or medical support. In the recovery period of regular radiological control.

 With our help, your teeth will be fine – smile bolder!

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