Therapeutic dentistry

The purpose of work of a staff of the clinic "SA-NATA" – Your beautiful smile

Therapeutic dentistry on Lukyanovskaya offers next services:

  • Preventive examination, assessment of teeth and gums
  • Restoring weakened enamel, the primary form of tooth decay
  • Art restoration of teeth
  • Filling of carious cavities and root canals
  • Removal of tartar with ultrasound
  • The photobleaching laser teeth
  • Root canal treatment
  • Preparation for dental prosthetics
The purpose of work of a staff of the clinic

Caries treatment – a key objective of our dentists therapists

Caries treatment – a key objective of our dentists therapists

Although according to World Health Organization , nearly 100% of our planet's inhabitants present signs of tooth decay, the disease can be treated. Patients with an early stage caries in the clinic, "SA-NATA"    on Lukyanovskaya offered to pass procedure of remineralization of enamel by causing calcium-fluoride varnish – artificial surface, which will act as a barrier against aggressive action of saliva and external factors. In the presence of medium and deep caries stage, the cleaning, and then sealing the cavity. 

Our specialists choose materials depending on your aesthetic needs, as well as the degree of load on the tooth. In any case, the patient provides the strength and durability of the tooth after treatment.

Odontophobia defeated: treatment without pain and discomfort

Patients who fear dental procedures in the clinic, "SA-NATA" on  Lukyanovskaya there are individual options for pain relief. If required, use an application or infiltration anesthesia. For example, to solve small problems and discomfort can be eliminated through the use of lidocaine spray, then there is no need to do any injections. We have experience treating patients with odontophobia. Read their reviews of "SA-NATA" and see for yourself how effective in our clinic was able to help them!

Odontophobia defeated: treatment without pain and discomfort

Building up teeth: the functionality and natural look 100%

In our clinic, we use modern technologies that allow 100% to restore the tooth to its original aesthetic and functional condition, even if it is substantially destroyed. Innovative materials are fully compatible with the tissues of the tooth. They do not stand out against the natural tooth enamel and do not change color over time. If necessary, the dentist selects a material containing fluorine that prevents further progression of caries.

Dentistry on Lukyanovskaya "SA-NATA": we offer more than You expect

Dentistry on Lukyanovskaya

We understand that preventive dentistry in Kyiv must meet the following criteria: high quality of services, use of modern technologies and successful results. We've got them! In addition, we offer:

  • Absolute comfort during treatment
  • Affordable rates on all services
  • Very convenient location

To get to the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovskaya is easy by public transport as well as their own. Our address: Kiev, Dmitrievskaya St., 75.

Prevention is always better than cure

The formation of tooth decay and the beginning of many diseases can be avoided with the help of a professional hygienic cleaning of teeth with removal of dental plaque. In our clinic for each patient the technique of cleaning is chosen individually. It uses the most advanced equipment: air-abrasive systems, ultrasonic scalers and modern hand tools. Every person has its own set of problems with teeth and gums. Preventive dentistry (M. Lukyanovskaya) is a perfect solution on the road to health and beauty of Your teeth.

Prevention is always better than cure

Welcome to comfortable dentistry!

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