Hands of specialists safely and securely held even the most complex surgical procedure

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka it provides the following dental surgeries:

  • The removal of wisdom teeth
  • A typical removal
  • Removal of milk teeth
  • Plastic frenulum of tongue and lips (frenulotomy, vestibuloplastika, frenuloplasty)
  • Compactesteotomy
  • Gingivostomatitis
  • Cystectomy (cyst removal) and resection of the root apex of the tooth

Surgery has now reached a new level of quality

The possibilities of modern dental surgery has expanded considerably. Highly qualified technicians and advanced equipment allow us to effectively overcome complex problems and save teeth that previously certainly should be amputated. In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka leading surgeon is a doctor of the highest category Sytnik Lyudmila Aleksandrovna – specialist with extensive experience solving the most complex problems.

Dentistry (Lukyanovka ) enabling patients to successfully complete such manipulations, like the removal of teeth, resection of the root apex of teeth, opening of abscesses surgery on the gums, plastic bridles upper and lower lip and tongue. Removal of teeth (Kyiv) is performed less often , dentists try to limit the treatment teeth preserving surgeries. To remove the tooth only in the presence of chronic infection, a neglected pathology of the gums, considerable damage to tooth as a result of progression of caries or after injury.

Dental extraction (Kiev) is being performed less and less, dentists are trying to limit treatment to tooth-preserving operations. Tooth extraction is necessary only in the presence of chronic infection, advanced gum disease, significant damage to the tooth as a result of caries progression or after an injury.

Operations without pain: superficial sedation and general anesthesia in dentistry

Even the most complex surgical procedures should not be associated with pain. The effectiveness of modern methods of anesthesia do not compare with those methods of anesthesia that was used previously. Recently, the popularity gained so-called "superficial sedation" – the introduction of the patient into a deep state of relaxation, which remains adequate breathing and the ability to respond to the commands of the doctor. A treatment using this type of anesthesia, practically, does not leave the patient's memories.

In exceptional cases, dental surgery can be carried out with the use of general anesthesia. It is not about the banal fear of the dentist, but the existence of serious problems with health, dental treatment (Kyiv) in the usual way can only make it worse. For example, General anesthesia is used in case of allergy to a local anesthetic, and a keen gag reflex, pathology of the respiratory organs, and immune problems.

Dental surgery, laser and other innovations

Dental surgery, laser and other innovations

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka you can perform the removal of wisdom teeth (Kyiv), the price of which is quite affordable. But key areas of surgery today, are not connected with the extraction of teeth. The priority belongs teeth preserving operations that preserve at first sight "hopeless" teeth. In the practice of surgeons is widely used laser, to minimize tissue trauma and pain effect. In particular, children's dentistry (Lukyanovka) offers patients a procedure plastic bridle laser.

Go treatment at the clinic, "SA-NATA" – estimate our advantages

The current level of dental services that we offer, has already earned the approval of many patients. We treated all family members, our clinic is often recommended to colleagues and friends. Come to us – we will help with minimal discomfort to overcome Your problem!

The recommendation of dentist: oral care after tooth extraction or other surgery

In the first hours after surgery, it is desirable not to eat anything and not to touch wound surface tongue  or other subjects. To use hot, and brush  teeth only after 24 hours after the procedure. The next day you must visit the doctor for a follow-up visit.

It is better to leave unpleasant procedures on dental treatment in the past than to live with fear in their anticipation!

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