Orthopedics (prosthetics)

Ортопедия (Протезирование)

Dental clinic "SA-NATA" offers the following types of procedures in the field of prosthetics:

  • All-metal, metal-ceramic, composite and all-ceramic crowns
  • Bridge construction
  • Adhesive bridges
  • Removable prosthetic joint German-Ukrainian production
  • Veneers, Lumineers, componere
  • Clasp dentures with different types of fixation

Prosthetics in the clinic, "SA-NATA": all modern methods of restoring the dentition at the most affordable prices

In our clinic, among the most popular services – it  prosthetics. Price (Kyiv) is moderate, and availability. Depending on individual needs we offer our patients crowns bridges and construction of high-strength materials. We can distinguish the following indications for closure of tooth crown: the presence of cracks, spalling or significant attrition, extensive fillings, the need for closure of the implant or for fitting a crown as a support for the bridge construction.

For the manufacture of crowns used today are quite diverse materials. Metal crowns that have recently been unparalleled choice of protection for damaged teeth, are increasingly replaced metal-ceramic, all-ceramic and composite designs.

Veneers from "SA-NATA" is the current trend that does not go out of fashion

Veneers from

Wish that the smile was flawless at any age. Teenagers and young people because of their emotionality is inherent in the pursuit of a broad and open smile. However, often an obstacle to it are far from perfect teeth.

During adolescence to undertake a radical treatment of teeth with crowns and other prosthetic designs is not easy. And is it necessary to take such a step, if the teeth are not only aesthetic defects but perfectly functional? In the clinic, "SA-NATA" in such cases, young patients are offered porcelain veneers, the price of which is quite affordable. Under the veneers do not need to prepare the tooth and remove the pulp. They are thin plates, which are attached to the teeth using special glue after a light cleaning of the enamel. To solve problems of a purely aesthetic ideal – the veneers on the teeth. Price (Kyiv) on these dental structures are quite different. But we are ready to offer You acceptable option!

A popular innovation in the field of prosthetics – adhesive bridge

Traditionally, the absence of one or more teeth filled with dental bridges. Their main disadvantage is the need for two preparation of abutment teeth for installation of crowns. The methods of installing adhesive bridge is fundamentally different from the commonly accepted until recently techniques. Photopolymer prosthesis attached to the abutment teeth on the pins or with fiberglass tape. 

Adhesive bridges have high aesthetic qualities, so using them you can restore the front teeth. Such designs are functional and well withstand chewing load.

The prosthetics on Lukyanovka – new technologies, new materials and new approaches

Query "dental prosthetics Kiev" is type in search engines quite often. Please note which services the clinic offers, what materials they use, what specialists work there, and choose the best option! Come for a consultation at our clinic – we will be able to offer more! Our address: Kiev, Dmitrievskaya St., 75.

First of all, you need to watch that dentures accumulate food debris. Their decomposition may cause the destruction of healthy teeth or cause infectious lesions of the gums. Do not neglect the natural rehabilitation of the oral cavity during eating, for example, to finish the meal by chewing of an apple.

The maintenance of the oral cavity after prosthetics: the efforts of the dentist should not go to waste!

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