Children's dentistry

How wonderful, when the teeth of Your baby shine with health

How wonderful, when the teeth of Your baby shine with health

Children's dentistry "SA-NATA" offers a complex of services for young patients:

  • Lesson the correct use of the toothbrush
  • Psychological adaptation of the child before treatment
  • X-ray in a special mode with reduced load
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Silver plating
  • Removal of milk teeth
  • Installation of "sohranila places"
  • Installation of "children's" crowns
  • Correction of bite
  • Coating with varnish
  • Oral hygiene Bicarbonate CA+
  • Filling with glass ionomer cement
  • Seals "Twinsister"
  • Fissure sealing

Proper treatment of milk teeth is the foundation of healthy teeth permanent

From an early age should begin to drive child to the dentist for preventive examinations. If there are signs of thinning enamel specialist may recommend for you cover your teeth with varnish. It is very important to treat and seal teeth in case of occurrence of carious cavities. Neglected tooth decay leads to infection of the channels, and then to infection of the permanent tooth Bud. At the age of 7-12 years should the fissure sealing – the covering of the chewing surfaces of the teeth with liquid filling material.

Children's dentistry (Kyiv) today provides absolutely painless and comfortable treatment. If necessary, in the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka used a special safe form of sedation that is well established in clinics of the USA and Europe. We are talking about the use of nitrous-nitrogen-oxygen sedation.

Turning first visit to the dentist into an exciting adventure

Pediatric dentistry (Lukyanovka) – the place where the teeth of the baby will be brought back to normal with no fear and pain. In our clinic all the starting equipment with a special "child" of the design to a smiling staff, contributes to the creation of good mood of the baby. Not worth it on the eve of the first visit to the doctor to sow in the minds of child fears and everything will be fine!

Turning first visit to the dentist into an exciting adventure

A pleasant surprise for the young patients – colorful fillings "Twinkie star"

Children's dentistry (Kyiv) may invite  child to participate in the process of dental treatment, namely, to choose the color of the fillings. Our clinic uses the special "children's" material for sealing. "Twinkie star" is a colored radiopaque material with glitter effect, which polymerizes under the influence of the halogen light, and further allocates the fluoride that strengthen the teeth.

In the dental clinic "SA-NATA" we are ready to help Your child at any time

In the dental clinic

Our persistent pediatric dentistry is open to You and Your baby at any time. We provide full range of services for the treatment of teeth, including bite correction in children. The prices of all our treatments please You with its democratic character. Come to us at the address Kyiv, Dmitrievskaya str., 75 and oddities yourself!

Care of the infant's mouth should be started immediately after the appearance of the first milk teeth. In particular, before going to sleep is to clean the teeth and gums of the baby with special wipes. Next, you need gradually to teach your baby to self-care for your teeth regularly to take him to the dentist for routine inspection, carry out professional cleaning of the oral cavity and other treatments.

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" always happy little patients!

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