Do you want to restore your teeth and always have a delightful smile?

Daily dental care and regular preventive dental care prevent the occurrence of many serious diseases of the teeth and gums. But what to do if one of the following situations has already developed:

  • loss of one or more teeth;
  • lack of several teeth in a row;
  • lack of extreme chewing teeth;
  • lack of all teeth.

And if you do not visit the doctor in time, then this is fraught:

  • destruction of adjacent teeth malocclusion;
  • microflora of the oral cavity and, as a result, bad breath;
  • digestive tract.

Replace a lost tooth with a prosthesis. And since most dental clinics still work on old equipment, the prostheses are made according to the old technology, namely, a prosthesis is created that is attached to the adjacent remaining teeth. And to fix it, healthy teeth are filed, which over time will lead to their destruction. In addition, conventional prostheses sometimes slip and move in the mouth, which leads to unpleasant sensations.

Dental Clinic "SA-NATA", having the most modern equipment and highly qualified staff, offers you the most advanced method of restoring the dentition - the installation of a modern implant.

What is an implant?

Implant - a metal pin / frame on which a denture is attached. 6 reasons why we recommend installing an implant?

  1. Only implantation will allow you to restore the functionality of the tooth completely and completely, without attracting adjacent teeth.
  2. The attachment method is more reliable compared to the conventional method in which the mechanisms must be attached to adjacent teeth.
  3. Dentures on implants will never slip or move in the mouth.
  4. Using this method of attachment, any design feels closer to its teeth.
  5. In addition, the implant eliminates the need to grind adjacent teeth in order to hold a new tooth.
  6. Price. An implant placement is a one-time investment in your health without harming neighboring teeth and endless installations of new dentures.

Still thinking?

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