Teeth alignment

The wrong bite is not only an ugly smile. If the upper and lower dentition are incorrectly positioned in relation to each other, an incorrect load distribution occurs, which causes the development of many complications. Alignment of the dentition is a necessary procedure, it not only aligns the smile line, but also prevents the appearance of many dental problems.

Ways to correct a bite

"To align teeth in the Clinic "Sa-Nata", various technologies and devices are used. What method of alignment of the dentition to choose, the doctor decides, based on the severity of the clinical case and the age of the patient. Of importance is the timely visit to the dentist with deviations in the bite.

Teeth alignment in children aged 5-10 years is carried out by therapeutic and preventive measures, no devices are used.

Age from 10 to 18 years is considered the best for occlusion correction. Methods of teeth alignment include the installation of various designs and devices.

Aligning teeth in adults is considered the most difficult. In addition to installing special devices, preliminary treatment of existing dental diseases is required. Correction is also more difficult, since the tooth tissue is fully formed and less ductile.

Correction methods

How much tooth alignment costs depends on the method chosen. Applied techniques and devices:

  • plates;
  • mouth cap;
  • trainer;
  • braces.

Each system has its own advantages and indications.


Alignment of teeth with plates is used in children. The peculiarity of using the plates is that they do not move the dentition, but only fix them in one position.

The device consists of a fixing plate and a wire for fixing it on the dental crowns. The plates are removed before eating and cleaning the mouth. The term of wear is 3-15 months.


Dental Clinic "Sa-Nata" uses modern methods of teeth alignment. One of these are mouthcaps. A device is made of transparent polymeric materials according to individual dental casts of the patient.

Mouthcaps are used to align teeth in children. In adults, the wearing of this device is prescribed after correction of the bite by other devices as a fixing method, fixing the result. Mouthcaps are removed before meals and during brushing. Shelf life - 12 months.


The device is made of silicone elastic structure. They must be worn during sleep; during the day, trainers only rush for a few hours. Indications for use - the inability to use other leveling devices. Trainers are used in young children to eliminate such bad habits as sucking a finger, the inability to wean an adult child from the nipple. Trainers are also used in case of relapse of dental pathologies. The service life is from six months to 2 years.



Braces are a complex and multifunctional system. The design is non-removable. They are used in patients of different ages. The main purpose of the braces is to align the teeth and correct the bite. The duration of the wearing of such a system depends on the severity of the clinical case and varies within 1-2 years.

How much it costs to align the teeth depends on the type of bracket system and the material of manufacture:

  1. Ceramic - one of the most expensive types system. The color is selected according to the natural color of the patient’s tooth.

2. Metal - manufacturing material - surgical steel. If a person is prone to allergies, the surface of the material may be coated with gold or silver plating. Designs may be colored. Metal braces are one of the most budget materials. The disadvantage is long addiction, the first weeks of wearing can irritate the gums.

3. Plastic - assigned to children in case of impossibility to install metal braces. Disadvantages - can be stained from food, fragile.

4. Sapphire - transparent, durable, not prone to staining and the formation of plaque on them. The disadvantage is the high cost. The material of manufacture is sapphire of a single-crystal structure.

5. Lingual - fixed from the side of the lingual muscle, invisible. Disadvantages - violate diction, require prolonged wear. The material is metal.

There is a combined bracket system, which is made of metal and plastic. They are used to correct and simultaneously treat the dentition.

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