If we talk about which toothpastes to choose for a particular person, then only a specialist should give these recommendations. The paste is selected for a particular patient, taking into account existing problems or pathologies. Pastes can be hygienic, preventive, medical and hygienic. Accordingly, each patient needs to choose the one that is most suitable for him at the moment.

If a person does not have the opportunity to brush his teeth during the working day, it is necessary to simply rinse his mouth and, upon arrival home in the evening, pay more attention to oral hygiene.

To brush teeth with toothpaste, rinse, and then, depending on the condition of the periodontium, it is advisable to use interdental brushes to clean the gaps between the teeth well, since a regular toothbrush will not clean everything out. These brushes come in different sizes, and only a doctor will help determine which one you need. If the gaps between the teeth are small, it is better to use floss.

Many people use ordinary threads, but this is strictly forbidden, since they are of different thicknesses and are not clean enough for the oral cavity. And the flosses are chosen so that the thread ideally penetrates into the holes between the teeth. There are still deodorizing threads that not only scrub, but also give the oral cavity a pleasant smell.

There are fewer germs on the teeth than on the tongue.

It is believed that most of the microorganisms, up to about 80%, are not on the teeth, but on the cheek mucosa and tongue. On the tongue there is a huge number of papillae, including filiform, between which saliva and food debris settle. Therefore, there are always more germs here than on the teeth. They must be removed using special scrapers. But as an alternative, you can choose an ordinary teaspoon.

What to do with it?

From the very morning on an empty stomach, you need to brush your tongue and rinse your mouth, and after eating, brush your teeth and gently remove the plaque from the tongue with the back of your toothbrush. And in the evening repeat this procedure.

Even the most accurate patient is not able to perfectly clean the entire oral cavity. Gradually, a soft coating is collected on the teeth, which over time becomes hard and forms tartar, and only a dentist can remove it. That's why you need to visit a specialist at least once every six months. The doctor will examine everything, do a professional cleaning, that is, he will very competently remove all microbes from the oral cavity, assess the condition of the teeth and gums, give advice on further care or treatment, if necessary.

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