Have you decided to install implants?

Today, many dental clinics in Kiev offer the installation of implants and it may seem that everyone is providing the same service, but in reality this is not so.

What determines the quality and durability of dental prosthetics with implants?

First of all, from the quality of the implant itself, the condition and thickness of your bone tissue, the exposure to the technology of its implant placement, the professionalism of the doctor and the control of all stages of the installation.

Violation of one of these requirements can lead to irreparable consequences, and instead of restoring the dentition, you can get a number of problems.

Therefore, one of the most important tasks is the choice of a clinic and a doctor.

Implantology is one of the main activities of the "SA-NATA" Clinic, and we take our work with great responsibility. For 7 years we have installed thousands of implants.

In our work we use implants from the best foreign manufacturers from Germany, France, Israel, Switzerland, which meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Before installation, we check the thickness of your bone tissue and, if necessary, produce a sinus lift - bone growth. The availability of modern equipment makes it possible to make a complete and high-quality diagnosis, as well as the ability to control each stage of implant placement.

Only after carrying out all the necessary analyzes and extensive diagnostics, our specialists are committed to installing the implant with the exact observance of the entire technology, which guarantees the quality of the implant installation.

Make an appointment and see for yourself the quality of our work!