Tooth nerve inflammation

Reasons for the appearance

Inflammation of the nerve in the tooth is a consequence of the following factors:

  • jaw injuries, mechanical damage to the tooth;
  • protracted caries, leading to the destruction of dental tissue;
  • infectious dental diseases;
  • periodontitis;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • hypothermia.

Inflammation of the dental nerves can develop due to poor-quality and inaccurate work of a dentist who, during surgical procedures, injures the roots of nerve endings, or due to insufficient antiseptic treatment of a dental instrument, an infection has been introduced.

Clinical picture

What a dental nerve looks like in an inflammatory process is clearly visible on a panoramic x-ray of the jaw. In this condition, a specific symptomatic picture arises:

  • acute pain;
  • throbbing sensations in the gums;
  • an increase in the intensity of pain during meals;
  • acute reaction to cold and hot food, drinks.

An inflamed nerve, the photo of which the dentist carefully examines, can cause headaches and worsen overall well-being. Using a photo of a dental nerve, a specialist will immediately determine the pathological focus and make an accurate diagnosis.


Inflammation of the nerve of the tooth, the treatment of which in the Clinic of "Sa-Nata" is carried out both surgically and medically, requires immediate assistance to prevent complications. Conservative treatment of a tooth nerve is carried out only in the early stages of the inflammatory process.

How to remove the inflammation of the dental nerve, the doctor will determine individually and prescribe anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic drugs. If the pathology is started, the removal of nerve fibers is required. This procedure is called depulpation.

Removal is carried out with a surgical instrument, the affected tissue is treated with antiseptic solutions, after the procedure, a seal is placed. The filling material is resorcinol, it has a bactericidal and mummifying effect, which prevents complications. After removal, preventive measures are prescribed, consisting in observing thorough oral hygiene.

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