Types of implants: advantages and disadvantages

The modern world of dentistry presents to patients not only an exceptional procedure with its meaning called implantation, but also a huge variety of surrogate tooth substitutes. An implant is selected taking into account both individual characteristics and the financial situation of the patient. If earlier it took about six months to carry out all the necessary procedures and install implants, now prosthetics is possible in 1-2 months. At the same time, you will not be embarrassed for a single day, since a temporary crown will be installed on an empty place of the tooth.

But, despite the development of medicine and dentistry in particular, there is a myth about the painfulness of this procedure. We assure you that implant placement is even less traumatic than tooth extraction.

Our Clinic employs highly qualified implantologists who have been trained in different countries of the world. For their professional experience, they have delivered more than 1000 implants. And this means that the health of your teeth is in safe hands. All operations are carried out according to a minimally invasive protocol using a piezotome (ultrasonic knife) and a physiological dispenser. In other words, possible pain is minimized, and tissue regeneration is faster. Also, modern equipment comes to the aid of our masters, and computed tomography contributes to an accurate preoperative examination.

It should be remembered that the selection of an implant is an individual thing. It all depends on the size of the bone, the situation of the patient and the state of his oral cavity.

If we talk about the material of the implants made of: they can be made of metal and the ceramic material

Metal implants are mainly made of titanium. Occasionally, an admixture of zirconium or gold may be included in its structure. The advantage of this option is the undoubted biocompatibility and lack of harmful toxic effects. It should be noted that metal quickly takes root in the bone, does not cause unhealthy sensations and inflammations. The patient feels the implanted tooth as a native, because it is light and has a high thermal conductivity.

The cheaper material is steel. Such implants are quite comfortable to wear and easy to install, but they are usually offered to be used in the complete absence or severe corrosion of the dentition.

Ceramic implants, unfortunately, are not highly durable. But one of their subtypes is an artificial sapphire implant with a grooved surface. A great option for installation is a combination of a titanium base and a ceramic coating. This type has incorporated all the advantages of metal and ceramic implants.

Let’s choose the the optimal form implant

There are many types, but the main ones are:

Lamellar (look like a narrow metal strip on which a pin is fixed). They are put in case the patient has narrow bone tissue, when it is not possible to establish root-like analogues. Preferably used to update the anterior dentition, which is not inherent in high loads. Their only weak point is fragility.

Also our pride is the Straumann implant system (Switzerland). With it, the installation of implants is performed as soon as possible.

So stop embarrassed by your smile - look forward to receiving! In the Clinic "SA-NATA" you will be consulted and select the best option for your dental implants.