Rules for oral care after dental implants

Dental implantation in modern dentistry is the most advanced technology for restoring the dentition. The quality of dental implants depends not only on the professionalism of the implantologist, but also on the patient himself, as it implies compliance with certain rules of oral hygiene. Failure to comply with these rules and the recommendations of the attending physician can lead to complications in the implantation procedure itself, an increase in the length of the rehabilitation period, as well as discomfort during the operation of dental implants. And therefore, you need to know about these rules even before the procedure of dental implantation.

After the doctor has installed a dental implant, further processes are largely dependent on the patient, since the rehabilitation period begins. The oral mucosa becomes even more vulnerable to infection, and all postoperative treatment is focused on two main points:

  1. Intensify the process of scarring wounds.
  2. Prevent infectious reactions.

And so you need to follow 4 simple rules:

1. The specificity of food intake. After the dental implantation procedure, you should not eat within 2-3 hours. Since the installation of a dental implant is accompanied by suturing, an unhealthy sensation is possible during the rehabilitation period, so at first, teach yourself to chew food on the opposite side. Drink more fluids, chicken broth is especially useful, as it contributes to the speedy healing of tissues. After eating, be sure to rinse your mouth with a suspension of chlorhexidine 0,05%. It is also recommended throughout the month to increase the milk diet, consume more yoghurts, cheese, kefir.

2. The use of dental adhesive paste Solcoseryl. This medication promotes the speedy tissue regeneration after tooth implantation. The product should be applied with a cotton swab to the damaged area of the gums after each meal, as well as at night. Ideally, ointment should be applied after disinfecting medicines. But be careful, in case of heightened sensitivity to certain elements of the paste, you should suspend the use of this medication and seek the advice of your doctor.

3. Refusal of bad habits. Smoking and drinking strong drinks are the main contraindications for the installation of dental implants. This is one of the important decisions - beautiful and durable teeth, for quitting smoking and taking strong drinks.

4. Proper brushing. Teeth need to be cleaned very carefully, through the interaction of a soft brush and antibacterial toothpaste, avoiding touching the joints. Also, after some time, it is advisable to rinse the oral cavity with a decoction of chamomile or calendula. In the case of poor-quality care, a number of serious consequences may occur: the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, which provoke flux, and delay the adaptation period.

Remember that proper care will help you feel good in the process of adapting to established structures, prevent the development of complications, and also potentially can extend the life of the dental implant.

All the rules are quite simple, and the implantation of teeth in the hands of professional implantologists of the "SA-NATA" Clinic is not scary and not painful. Make an appointment right now and get professional advice and answers to questions.