Now we have an aquarium!

A study conducted abroad proves that aquariums favorably affect the psychological state of patients and reduce stress levels. Observation of fish relieves anxiety and muscle tension in the patient, slows the pulse, lowers blood pressure. It was noted that this effect is lasting: that is why aquariums are installed in reception rooms, waiting rooms at dental offices.

In addition, studies conducted abroad have shown that visitors to clinics in which aquariums are installed no longer experience so much stress and are more likely to visit a doctor. Children are more addicted, so their attention instantly focuses on the aquarium, on the bright underwater inhabitants. Reducing the level of fear in children in the dentist's office is an important educational factor.

Now in the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata" you can enjoy watching the wonderful inhabitants in our aquarium. A kind and comfortable "Sa Nata" is open to everyone and everyone. Your kids will like to be here!