Dentist Orthopedist

An orthopedic dentist is a specialist who applies not only methods of drug therapy, but also uses modern methods for correcting defects with the help of regulatory or replacement structures.

What does he do?

An orthopedist in dentistry is an extremely sought-after specialist, since the restoration of the masticatory function of the dentofacial system, diction, and the aesthetic appearance of the patient depend on his skill and experience. The doctor must be a sculptor, an artist in dentistry, a chemist and a physicist to bring back a bewitching smile, self-confidence, the joy of life. In the arsenal of a doctor of this specialization:

  • micro prosthetics;
  • manufacturing and installation of removable and fixed structures of bridge type;
  • the use of various types of implants;
  • restoration of damaged teeth;
  • maintaining the aesthetic appearance of dentures;
  • prevention of the progression of pathologies.

The orthopedic dentist must have the skills of a psychologist, since not only adults, but also frightened, capricious children become his patients. For a successful impact, mutual understanding and solidarity of the doctor and patient, establishing contact, trusting and open relationships are necessary.

The orthopedic dentist uses modern diagnostic devices, dental equipment and advanced technologies in professional activities. At his disposal are materials from the best world manufacturers.

A person who has contacted "Sa-Nata" Clinic can be sure that the dentist working there is a specialist of the highest class, fluent in new technologies, constantly improving his skills and introducing proprietary prosthetics techniques. The right choice of a specialist determines the quality of therapy, its effectiveness and long-term operation of the installed structures.

Services of a professional of this class are quite expensive, but the Clinic always goes towards the client, helping to choose a service in accordance with its financial capabilities. The Clinic adheres to the principles of openness and trust. Before informing the cost of treatment, the doctor will explain in detail to the visitor the validity of the prescribed procedures and diagnostic measures. Together, they will choose the best option without compromising on quality.