What does sinus lifting mean?

Often a situation arises when you need to restore a few lost teeth, but there is no way to put a bridge. Then doctors recommend installing implants. The basis of the dental implant is a titanium root, which is implanted in the bone tissue in place of the lost tooth. Ideally for normal functioning, and to avoid rejection, its size should be at least 10 mm.

Since there are maxillary sinuses on the lateral parts of the upper jaw, the lower part of which borders on the extremely thin jaw bone in 7 out of 10 people, there is simply not enough bone tissue to install the implant. It is to solve this problem that they perform sinus lift, or in a simple way, bone tissue of the upper jaw. The sinus lift procedure involves restoring the density and necessary bone height for implant placement by reducing the size of the maxillary sinus.

It should be noted that the implementation of sinus lift is considered a rather complicated surgical intervention, which requires high-quality training and professionalism of the doctor.

Typical contraindications to the sinus lift procedure are:

  • Chronic diseases of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx;
  • Contraindications to dental implantation;
  • Bone inflammation;
  • Allergy to the drugs used.

Before performing sinus lift, it is necessary to undergo professional diagnosis and consultation with a surgeon in the oral cavity and maxillofacial region, and sometimes it will be necessary to consult an otolaryngologist specialist, make the necessary tests and find out the state of health. It is necessary to remember that the patient follows the recommendations of the implantologist to prevent heavy bleeding and rupture of the membrane. Also among the consequences may occur soft tissue edema, runny nose due to damage to the sinus, or inflammation, a slight increase in temperature.

The recovery period after sinus lift is quite significant, about a few months. To alleviate the general condition, a preventive rinse can be prescribed. You will also have to observe some restrictions: for example, do not cough, it is also recommended to refrain from air travel, visiting a sauna or bath, increased physical exertion, hypothermia, and in addition - you will have to follow a diet.

But do not panic in advance. Not everything is so scary and not at all dangerous. In the dental Clinic "SA-NATA" only high-quality osteoplastic materials are used, and qualified doctors will consult and perform the operation professionally with maximum comfort for you.