Removable dentures - orthopedic design, which is a complex of teeth, gums and supporting system, which replaces the natural series, completely repeating its anatomy and physiological properties. A removable denture is made in the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata" individually for each patient.

Varieties of the substitution system

"Depending on the severity of the clinical case and the patient's age, there are removable dentures: fully removable: made of plastic or nylon; partially removable dentures: manufacturing material - plastic, nylon, clasp products (have a metal base). Way of fastening: hooks, lock.

The type of implant suitable in each case is determined only by the implantologist.

Removable Accessories

"Modern removable dentures among the clients of the dental center "Sa-Nata" are most popular. An artificial implant is a plate bent in accordance with the anatomy of the oral cavity and attached to the upper or lower jaw.

Made of ceramic or plastic. The method of attachment is adhesion to the gum. Absolutely removable dentures have a number of certain advantages:

simplicity and lightness;

hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness;

convenience and speed of putting on and taking off;

lack of need for difficult leaving.

But such a denture has some disadvantages: difficulty in fixing; limited lifetime; the need for training to restore diction; temporary difficulties with chewing function. At first, the completely removable system can rub until the patient gets used to it. Despite all the shortcomings, the popularity of such designs is explained by the price and relatively fast production times.

Partially removable construction

"A removable denture that can only be removed by a dentist is a clasp system that represents a metal base and crowns made of plastic or ceramic material. The design is complex, with many constituent elements, so the specialists of the "Sa Nata" Clinic will need some time to make it. A partially removable denture has the following advantages: tight and comfortable fixation; strength; aesthetic look.

People around you will not see the metal parts of the device, even if the person smiles broadly. To know about the little secret of the artificial origin of a beautiful smile will only an orthodontist at the dental Clinic "Sa Nata". Such a device is more expensive than a fully removable implant, but this price is justified by the maximum reliability and durability of use.

Artificial Smile Care

"Despite the fact that false dentures are made of synthetic material, they require regular care no less than native teeth. Implants should be cleaned twice a day, and food particles removed with dental floss.

If you do not conduct regular hygiene of the false jaw, the presence of particles of decaying food on it can lead to the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.

These rules apply to the care of both fully and partially removable systems. Dental prosthetics Removable dentures in the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata" - this is the maximum combination of high professionalism of orthodontists, the best, innovative equipment and modern material.

Artificial Smile Care