Dental prosthetics - implantation

"The loss of one or more teeth is not only a cosmetic flaw that does not allow a wide smile, but also a problem for the entire gastrointestinal tract. The inferiority of the dentition leads to poor chewing of food, due to which it, in this form, getting into the stomach and intestines, causes further pain, gastritis and ulcer.

The installation of dental implants is the only effective way out of this situation. New crowns will not differ from their relatives either in appearance or in their functionality. This is possible if the installation of the dental implant is performed by the dentists at the "Sa Nata" Clinic.

Advantages of using Implants

"The implant is a complex structure that is implanted through the gum into the jaw. Before implantation, bone tissue builds up. This procedure is necessary so that the implantation result is reliable, maximally strong and durable. Dental implants prosthetics is a relatively new technique in dentistry, which has quickly gained popularity and is widespread among patients due to a number of advantages:

perfect cosmetological result;

preservation of neighboring healthy tissues;

maximum reliability;

durability of use.

Prosthetics dental implants with the hands of professionals in the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata" - is:

no risk of gum damage;

preservation of diction;

the use of hypoallergenic ecological materials;

100% implant survival;

lack of postoperative complications;

fast recovery period with minimal restrictions.

When dental prosthetics are performed, implants are used coated with calcium ions, as they quickly and without complications grow together with native bone tissue. The pins installed in the jaw are as strong as possible, reliable and stable.

Varieties of techniques

Varieties of techniques

"Depending on how many crowns need to be replaced with implants - one, several or all in all, for each patient an individual implantation technique is selected individually.

The installation of a tooth implant has the following types: Telescopic is used to replace the dentition of the upper or lower jaw. Implants are installed along the entire gingival trajectory, pointwise.

The prosthesis is mounted on a metal cap. Removable dental prosthetics implantation - installation of pins on the front jaw.

A removable denture replaces the upper and lower row of crowns. The installation of non-removable type dental implants is used when several crowns are lost. 3-4 of them are equipped with two support pins. Single - used if necessary to restore one single tooth.

The implant completely repeats the physiology of the native in appearance, in performing the masticatory function and load distribution. This species, in comparison with others, is the most advantageous. When implanting prostheses, zirconium and cermet crowns are used.

Installation time

In dental practice, the installation of dental implants from the moment the gums are prepared to fix the crown on the pin takes from 2-3 months to six months.

The use of innovative programs and the best dental equipment, multiplied by the tremendous experience of dentists at the "Sa Nata" Clinic, allows you to reduce several months to several days.

A single implant can be performed on the same day as the surgical preparation of the gums for implantation of the pin.