If tooth caries has developed, the causes of the appearance are known to everyone. This is a preventable disease. To do this, it is enough to carry out preventive measures, minimizing the influence of provoking factors.

Causes of caries

"The initial stage of caries is a tooth damage with carious processes that lead to thinning of enamel, the formation of a hole in it with damage to the nervous system. Without timely treatment, the disease leads to the complete destruction of the crown and roots. The causes of caries are pathogenic bacteria that develop in the oral cavity.

The pathogenic microflora begins to multiply actively due to insufficient brushing with paste, when food particles remain in the cracks after eating. They begin to decompose, creating an ideal environment for the development of pathogens.

If the oral cavity is cleaned irregularly, the infection begins to corrode the dental membranes, from which caries develops rapidly and after a short period of time can affect the entire tooth.

Provocative factors

"The initial stage of caries does not have a pronounced symptomatic picture. The disease manifests itself in the form of small spots of white on the surface of the crown. The most susceptible to pathology are people in whose life there are provocative factors leading to thinning and weakening of tooth enamel.

Caries has the following reasons:


regular use of alcoholic drinks;

abuse of coffee and coffee drinks;

the use of a large number of sweets;

irregular cleaning of the oral cavity;


uneven dentition;

the presence of bulbous fissures - depressions between the teeth and gums, in which bacteria can accumulate;

work in hazardous production;

an unbalanced diet in which there is insufficient calcium;

age-related changes;

the presence of carious lesions in childhood;

a suppressed immune system; living in areas with poor environmental conditions. Scientists also note a gender predisposition.

According to statistics, the disease more often occurs in women than in men.

There is also a genetic dependence on this pathology. If at least one provoking factor is present in a person’s life or dental diseases have a history of close blood relatives, the prevention of this disease should be given maximum attention, regularly undergoing a routine examination at the dentists in the "Sa-Nata" Clinic.


"If during the examination by the dentist a caries is found in the initial stage, it is recommended to immediately take up the restoration of the integrity of all dental shells in order to avoid the problem of premature tooth loss. After the main therapeutic course, preventive measures will be required.

The best specialists in orthodontics at the "Sa-Nata" Clinic prevent carious pathology using the remineralization procedure, saturating the enamel with the necessary useful minerals. In addition, they remove the triggering factors - tartar, coffee and cigarette deposits.

If a person has problems with a bite or unevenness of the dentition, work is being done to correct it by installing special bracket systems. Regular preventive examination by professional dentists of the "Sa-Nata" Clinic, using innovative methods and high-quality equipment, will help to timely identify the dental problems and pathologies that have arisen.