Why are the teeth yellow?


German researchers have established why the teeth are yellow. The natural color of healthy crowns is from milk to light cream. However, some people naturally have a darker color. Normally, the enamel is transparent, the dentin visible through it has the color of ivory. Saturation depends on the amount of minerals - the more there are, the darker the color. According to scientists, healthy crowns are yellowish.

But there is an unnatural yellowness of the teeth, the reasons for which lie in external factors:

  • smoking;
  • abuse of strong tea, coffee, cola, red wine;
  • passion for hookah;
  • non-compliance with oral hygiene;
  • low-quality care products;
  • high content of iodine, carotene, and other coloring substances in food.

An alarming symptom is yellow teeth whose causes of darkening are various systemic pathologies:

  • fluorosis - a disease caused by fluoride intoxication;
  • diseases of the circulatory system.
  • With some, the vessels inside the crown are destroyed, staining the dentin in brown;
  • thyroid disease;
  • hereditary anomalies in the formation of dentin, enamel.

Among the common circumstances why yellow teeth, professionals call:

  • the use of certain medications;
  • the use of mouth rinses;
  • the presence of seals with silver amalgam;
  • nerve removal;
  • natural aging process.

A yellow tooth may appear as a result of trauma, prosthetics. For the natural color is responsible for one of the genes, which determines the saturation of the color. To restore the natural look, it is enough to carefully monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity so that the pigment-colored coating does not deposit on the enamel surface.

Whitening methods

Today, the propaganda of a dazzling snow-white smile has led to the emergence of a new mental deviation - blanorexia (pathological concern for the whiteness of teeth). People try using home remedies to make their smile snow-white. But the use of soda, lemon juice, coal, hydrogen peroxide and other similar know-how can only lead to thinning of enamel, hypersensitivity and caries.

If the teeth are yellow what to do to lighten them, you should ask professionals. A specialist, having examined the oral cavity, having carried out the necessary studies and determining the cause, will advise what to do if yellow teeth. Today there are effective and safe methods of whitening:

  • laser exposure using the SiroLaser system;
  • ultrasonic cleaning;
  • Airflow cleaning chemical whitening;
  • photo whitening.

If the listed methods do not give the desired result or there are contraindications for their use, it is not possible to whiten the yellow teeth, what should I do in this case? Alternative technologies will come to the rescue, for example:

  • bonding - coating the outer part of the crown with the polymer of the desired color;
  • veneers are thin plates covering the front of the crown.

In the conditions of the "Sa-Nata" Clinic, the procedure will be carried out by specialists quickly, efficiently, and will not lead to damage, which will then have to be repaired for a long time.