Panoramic ex-ray of teeth

"Indications for Panoramic dental photographs by specialists of the "Sa-Nata" Clinic are carried out according to the following indications: the need to determine the exact location of the tooth; assessment of internal soft tissues, suspected internal cysts; examination of the joints of the jaw; preparation of the patient for the installation of implants, dentures; problems with the eruption of milk molars in children; congenital pathologies of the dentition in newborns; treatment of dental diseases; control over the results of the treatment; the need to install corrective devices to align the dentition; the choice of treatment for dental diseases.

Panoramic x-rays of the teeth can be carried out for preventive purposes. It is especially important to do it after treatment and surgery to evaluate the results of therapy and prevent the development of complications and relapse. Panoramic dental x-ray is often the only method for making an accurate diagnosis. An x-ray is carried out without fail before surgery to determine the exact location of the pathological process, which is not possible to do with a visual examination of the oral cavity.

Panoramic x-rays are used in both adult and pediatric dentistry. It is especially important for determining various dental diseases in young children, who, due to their age, cannot accurately explain what worries them, and where the epicenter of pain is located. What does a dental x-ray show? Panoramic x-ray of teeth shows in detail and completely the condition of the tooth and soft tissue, any, even the slightest, changes in their structure . Often during the preventive scan it is possible to diagnose various pathologies of a dental nature in the early stages of their development, when the patient does not have any symptomatic picture.

An x-ray accurately determines the presence of inflammation and purulent foci, the early stages of the formation of an internal cyst, abnormal tooth growth at the stage of eruption from the gums. In addition, a panoramic picture shows the status of the installed seal. With the help of a picture, the dentist determines the affected areas of the nerve endings. In adults, a picture of the jaw shows wisdom teeth, which, due to certain pathological processes, could not come out of the gums naturally.

Accordingly, surgical intervention is required to open them the way out of the soft tissues. Safety procedure The teeth panorama, carried out on modern, high-precision equipment in the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata", is a procedure that is absolutely safe for humans.

In fact, x-rays pose a threat to human health, but only if the body is often exposed to x-rays and in high doses. In dental practice, a narrow beam of x-ray radiation is used, which is aimed only at the jaw, while other parts of the body and internal organs are not exposed to radiation.

"The benefits of digital panoramic photography of teeth

In the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata", the x-ray of the jaw is performed digitally, which has several advantages over the more obsolete x-ray methods. The resulting panoramic image gives the most informative and accurate result. Probability of being admitted

"diagnostic error is excluded. The image is not only printed on a special film, but also remains in the computer. With the help of special programs, the doctor can increase the fragments of the jaw that interest him in order to examine in more detail the revealed pathological processes.

The speed of obtaining the results of the examination is lightning fast. There is no need to wait for a while until the doctor receives an X-ray and makes a diagnosis. Some pathological processes quickly lead to the development of dangerous complications, and their treatment should be carried out immediately. Holding a panoramic photo of the dentition does not require any preparation. All that a patient needs is to conduct thorough oral hygiene before visiting a doctor. We also provide quality canal treatment.