Why is tartar formed?

"Causes of occurrence

There are many factors why tartar appears, but all of them are primarily associated with improper hygiene of the mouth and teeth. Dentists at the "Sa Nata" Clinic indicate the following reasons why tartar appears:

  • - lack of constant brushing;
  • - improper cleaning;
  • - low-quality hygiene products;
  • - Wrong choice of brushes;
  • - the use of mainly soft foods;
  • - chewing food on one side of the jaw;
  • -metabolic disease.

Also, the cause of tartar appears is the inborn lack of smoothness of the surface, when the enamel has a rough and porous structure.

How is it formed?

The tartar of the cause, which is associated with improper hygiene, is a physiological phenomenon. Already a couple of hours after oral hygiene, plaque forms on the teeth from food, coffee and other drinks, as well as under the influence of the environment.

After 12 hours, the microbes present on the plaque begin to have a destructive effect on the enamel. If you do not brush your teeth for several days, plaque begins to gradually harden and harden. Bacteria produce acid, which adversely affects tooth enamel, causing tooth caries. Due to the compaction of plaque, a plaque begins to form, which increases in size and leads to inflammation of the gum tissue.

The clinical picture: Stones on the teeth, the treatment of which should be carried out in a timely manner, so as not to provoke the development of complications, can be seen independently, without any special tools and devices.

Self-diagnosis can be done using iodine. In an antiseptic solution, a cotton pad is moistened with which the teeth are rubbed. The coating will react with the solution and will be visible on the enamel surface, as in the photograph. But there is the concept of an internal stone, even more dangerous than a surface one. How to diagnose and how to treat tartar of the internal type, only a specialist knows. Therefore, when limescale is detected, a visit to the dentist is indispensable.

"Pathology Removal Methods The "Sa-Nata" Dental Clinic uses a variety of plaque removal methods. If stones are found on the teeth how to treat, the dentist determines individually for each patient, depending on the complexity of the clinical case. To get rid of pathological plaque, the following methods are used:

Mechanical cleaning - stone picks up

"with a special device, it is scraped between the teeth and from the surface of the enamel. The method is effective, but can injure the surface of the fabric. It is rarely used today.

Ultrasound - with the help of an ultrasonic wave, external and internal calcareous complications are eliminated. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Laser - destruction of calcareous deposits by a directed laser beam. The procedure is painless, does not require anesthesia. Today is the most common method of removing stone.

Chemical cleansing - a special preparation is applied to the enamel surface in the form of a gel or paste, in which alkali and acids are present. The special composition is aggressive towards deposition, but safe and soft for tooth enamel. After removing the stone by any of these methods, the tooth surface is polished. This manipulation is of prophylactic importance, as it helps to prevent the re-occurrence of limestone deposits.

Prevention Having found out why stones appear on the teeth, it is not difficult to determine which preventive measures prevent the occurrence of a brown limestone formation on the enamel. It is important to clean your teeth with quality, at least 3 minutes, choosing the right toothbrush with sufficiently hard fibers that can penetrate into the interdental space. Not the last value is given to the choice of toothpaste.

It should contain mineral elements that help strengthen enamel. Each time after eating, it is recommended to rinse the oral cavity with water to wash away the food particles remaining between the teeth and create a favorable environment for the reproduction of microbes. After eating, flossing is not superfluous.

A good habit is to visit the dentist twice a year to conduct a routine examination. If necessary, the specialist will conduct professional cleaning of plaque on the teeth, preventing the formation of calcareous deposits. Our Clinic provides quality caries treatment.